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Yoon Dong-hee, Pay Attention to the Fact that you Hit Sasaki

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‘Japanese baseball’s best fireballer’ Sasaki hits a fastball and hits a double

“He continued to hit hits last year, but seeing him get so much attention for hitting a specific player makes him a great player.”

Professional baseball Lotte Giants outfielder Yoon Dong-hee (20) played in an exchange game with the Chiba Lotte Marines at the Itoman Nishizaki Stadium in Okinawa, Japan on the 25th.

When I asked for an interview after this, he seemed confused and said this. 바카라사이트

On this day, the game between Lotte and Chiba Lotte showed great interest in both Korea and Japan as it was the first pitcher of the season by Roki Sasaki (22), a fastball pitcher who is famous for the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

Sasaki threw 13 balls in one inning, using a fastball with a top speed of 155 km/h, and completely blocked the Lotte batting lineup with one strikeout and one hit.

One hit was a double hit by Dong-hee Yoon.

In the first inning, with one out and no runners on base, Yoon Dong-hee hit Sasaki's third pitch, a fastball of 151 km/h, and hit a double deep into left field.

Dong-hee Yoon explained, “The ball count was 2 balls, so I had the advantage.

Rather than a straight hit, I hit it a little late, and I thought I would catch the hit, but there was no defender.

So I ran to second base.”

After the inning was over, he didn't attach much importance to it, saying, “My teammates told me I played well.

From the next inning, I just focused on the game.”

Sasaki is the player who holds the NPB velocity record by throwing 165 km/h.

On this day, due to the cold weather, he only played one inning, shorter than scheduled, and even then he did not pitch at his best.

Dong-hee Yoon said, “If the other foreign pitcher's fast ball feels heavy, Sasaki's is a bit lighter, but it feels like he's hitting.

He learned a lot from today's match.”

On this day, Dong-hee Yoon played as a table setter with Min-seok Kim, the first hitter, in the second batting order.

There is a high possibility that Kim Min-seok and Yoon Dong-hee will serve as table setters in the regular season as well.

Dong-hee Yoon said, “I'm at the front of the batting order and have a lot of at-bats, so physical strength is also important.

I have to see a lot of balls, so I'll think about that as well.”

Lotte completed its outfield composition with left fielder Kim Min-seok, center fielder Victor Reyes, and right fielder Han Dong-hee.

Dong-hee Yoon said, “The season hasn't started yet.

I don't think I'm a starter.

I have to keep competing.

It's true that I still have trouble communicating with center fielder Reyes (due to language).

We'll talk a lot before the season starts and get to know each other.”

“I think we need to decide on hand signals as well,” he said.

Regarding Reyes, Lotte's new foreign hitter, he said, “I really have no words.

Players like Jack Rex and DJ Peters were very bright.

I thought Reyes would be like that too, but he was quiet.

He seems like a player who works hard with a quiet sense of responsibility.”

The task for the remaining spring camp is to recover the sense of practice as quickly as possible.

Dong-hee Yoon said, “We haven't yet adapted to the stadium.

The strike zone hasn't been established yet, and the pitcher and timing will likely have to adapt as the game progresses.

It's now at 60-70% level.”



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