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Later, several doctors let Tang Shi wake up from a deep sleep, but did not completely wake her up, so that her brain was in a state of shallow cortical activity, and then put a lot of detectors on her brain, her fingers were full of wires, and her chest was connected to the electronic wires that monitored her heart. Tang Shi was locked up in a small yellow room, where Dr. Hu asked her in a very low voice, as if hypnotized. Jiang Ling and Bo Ye are standing outside waiting, professional field, they can only give Dr. Hu. Has anything terrible happened to you recently? “…… No Tang poetry is talking like hysteria, and the brain is quietly thinking actively, not listening to her control. Do you have anything to be afraid of. “Afraid..” Tang Shi murmured, his eyes just opened a crack, as if he had been deeply hypnotized, “afraid of the dark..” Afraid of kidnapping.. Afraid of. Only not to see. Only do not see these four words, so that the thin night outside the observation of the heart mercilessly a contraction. She cared about Tang Wei to such an extent that she even remembered him when she was hypnotized, and what she had done to take Tang Wei away from her by force in the first night almost cost her half her life! “Do you have anyone you hate or hate?” 23 Chapter 317 I hate the thin night, hate it to the bone. At this time, the data on the computer detector suddenly changed dramatically, and the thin night through the glass saw that the consciousness in her brain seemed to be awake for a moment, and was washed away by the problem. Hate. Tang Shi seemed to have fallen into the darkness,impact beam tubes, and a voice around her was asking her again and again. Do you have anyone you hate or dislike? Hate. Tang Shi held out her hands to herself, but it was so dark that she couldn't even see where her hands were. Is there anyone she hates? Faces flashed through my mind, and the lost memories were stirring again, and the consciousness that had blocked them could not control them at all. The next second, like a moonlight treasure box that was suddenly opened, those memories rushed into the mind of Tang poetry every minute. Blood, wounds, pain,side impact door beams, betrayal, she covered her ears, but her ears were full of memories of wailing, sharp, long roar, black and blue. Why Why should I explore my past? Why did you cut my heavy camouflage. Why should I remember.. No Don't come near, don't come near.. Help me.. Help Tang Shi looked like a newborn in the dark, crying over and over again, deep in the center of her mind. She hugged her brain, which was in severe pain, as if she had experienced a disaster. Tang Shi sobbed, lost the ability to speak, and only instinctively roared. Hate.. Hate to the depths of who. A face across the Tang poem's mind, her whole body is twitching, but from the perspective of real life, side impact beams ,aluminium coated steel tube, the Tang poem in their eyes is just sleeping without expression, all the pain she just had is just her inner self. The subconscious was struggling violently, but she herself was still so quietly leaning back in her chair, with catheters and wires all over her body, and her eyelids trembled with the sound of the machine running-but she did not wake up. Dr. Hu breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that the question just now touched the core of Tang poetry's inner pain. They continued to hypnotize, and then the deep voice hit the eardrum of Tang Shi. Who do you hate? Tang poetry in the dark runs boundlessly, falls down, climbs up, she covers her ears, but accompanied by the howling wind, those memories engulf her, Tang poetry roars, helpless for help, “I don't want to listen..” I don't want to see.. Don't make me remember, I don't want to know! “Who do you hate?” Hate? She hates the world, even herself! Her failure, her weakness, her. No courage to die! Tang Shi hugged herself. Depression turned all her anger into self-blame. She fell into a deep sense of self-loathing. She felt that the world was incompatible with her. Everyone tried their best to kill her. It's her fault, she shouldn't be alive, she should die, she doesn't exist. “Who do you hate?” Who Who turned her into a monster? At that time, all the people in the room saw that the woman who had been deeply hypnotized and could not make any struggle suddenly had her eyelids trembling. Everyone thought that her brain was too active to wake up, only to find that it was not. She was hypnotized, but when she was mentioned who she hated, she left two tears, silent tears. That kind of pain can't be covered up by hypnosis. She murmured, “I..” Hate the thin night. 23 Chapter 318 the origin of misfortune, there is no way out. From her deepest heart, from her most primitive brain instinct, the existence of the word “thin night” is the origin of all her misfortunes. Tang Shi murmured unconsciously, “I hate the thin night.” Thin night. I hate myself, too. Lin Ci saw the thin night through the glass window, originally a worried expression, but at this moment all turned into shock. After the shock, there was a kind of pain in the man's eyes, which was not enough to describe. How could he be hurt by such a woman. Tang poetry was hypnotized, but still. Remember the thin night. How deep is this hatred? Even love has been unable to surpass the kind of height. Hate to the bone these four words, the original has never been just talk. Thin night facing the glass wall, looking at the silent tears of Tang poetry inside, she did not wake up, but her face was full of painful expressions. At that moment, Bo Ye felt that his psychological defense line had collapsed. He especially wanted to rush in and say to Tang Shi, “Don't do this. Let's start over. Give me a chance to make up for you.”. But Tang poetry is not what it used to be. She was now standing still, huddling in the same place, shrinking herself into a ball, sealing up her heart, and cutting herself off from the world. Thin night to would rather go back in time before that Tang poem, at that time she hated him,Cold Drawn Tubes, at least alive, like a sharp blade, but now. cbiesautomotive.com


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