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You are not to blame: Here’s why you haven’t used DMARC p=reject yet.

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DMARC Enforcement 

DMARC is a robust email authentication mechanism that operates at the Internet-scale, allowing domain owners to regulate how their domains are used for email transmission by posting policies in DNS. Because it is respected by 80% of all inboxes globally, if you publish a DMARC record with an enforcement policy, any non-authenticating email will be quarantined (sent to spam) or refused.

With such authority comes a big responsibility. Get it right or risk blocking even the genuine mails mistakenly.


Setting up DMARC enforcement on an emailing domain protects it from being utilized by phishers to launch corporate email compromise, executive spear-phishing, exact-domain phishing, and brand impersonation assaults. When DMARC is configured to a reject or quarantine policy, often known as ‘enforcement’, an email sent by an unauthorized sender is either never sent to the intended recipient or is routed to the recipient's spam or junk folder.


If getting to DMARC enforcement is taking longer than planned or if you're upset with the work necessary to stay at enforcement, we want you to know that it's not your fault.

The Path to Choosing the Right Policy

We've talked to a lot of people about DMARC and how difficult it is for them.

EmailAuth clients have told us that their prior DMARC vendor continued pressuring them to stick with it (and pay the consulting costs) because “you are nearly there, and you just need to do a little more work”. Unfortunately, until they converted to EmailAuth, they never got ‘there’.

Others choose to use open-source DMARC tools and perform it themselves. The rationale here is that completing the task in-house is less expensive and will provide its employees with vital skills and experience.


In any situation, the endeavor to achieve DMARC enforcement may necessitate the formation of a specialized team to perform all the necessary adjustments. The first stage is just determining what services you offer. You may be required to do a lot more.

  • DMARC aggregate reports contain a large number of XML data dumps that must be interpreted.
  • Examine hundreds of IP addresses to determine which cloud platforms and third-party services the IP addresses correspond to.
  • Guess which SaaS services are operating on which email service provider (ESP) for email-sending services.
  • Determine the owners of each service in your organization.
  • Create proper policies for which services will be permitted, who will have access to administer them, and which subdomains will be affected.


After you've done the homework to figure out what's going on with your emailing domain, there's still work to be done:

  • Set up SPF and DKIM for each email service.
  • Choose the DMARC policy to employ for communications that fail SPF and DKIM authentication.
  • Update DNS records for DMARC, SPF, and DKIM.
  • Control the DNS change procedure for each new service.
  • When it’s time to add a new service or delete an existing one, it's time to start again. This is referred to as the never-ending loop of tedium. It can exhaust your team members and is a major reason why some firms never make it to enforcement.


It's normal that your domain isn't in enforcement yet with a procedure like this. But it doesn't have to be so difficult. 


Automation can change the game. EmailAuth will provide you insight and control over your email ecosystem, allowing you to identify and approve all the mail services you desire, block or quarantine malicious or unknown senders, and bring your domains into compliance in record time.


EmailAuth needs just 20% of the staff resources of a standard full-time employee to establish and maintain, which is one-tenth of what competing solutions demand.

Don't just take our word for it though. Join the hundreds of other businesses that have used EmailAuth, the industry-leading DMARC solution. It's free, and you'll find that the visibility EmailAuth provides helps take the tedium out of the DMARC process, allowing you to get to enforcement faster. 


The Importance of DMARC cannot be understated. The benefits of DMARC are numerous and they help you protect your domain from cyberattacks. Learn how to set up a DMARC record in three simple steps here.


Original source: https://www.reddit.com/user/emailauth-io/comments/sc8bra/you_are_not_to_blame_heres_why_you_havent_used/



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