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You have to register your domain before you launch your website

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An online business can be conducted only by owning a website. A website can be only established after buying your own domain space and establishing the website in the space. The act of reserving space on the internet for a certain period is known as domeeni registreerimine or domain registration. The time period of lease can be normally for a year until you renew the lease and extend the period for another year or more. The domain name will be your IP address with which your website can be called or identified and it is usually known as URL. Once you register your URL name in the domain registry you will be visible on the internet and people will come to know about your online existence. The registration of website, email or any web service is mandatory and you have to buy the domain from a provider who may house your website in a server environment.

After registering your domain you will have to house your website in the domain space and it is usually a computer server environment with Pilveserver VPS catering to the functionality of the website. This is a economical server choice because cost and resources are shared with similar websites contained in the same server. A VPS or virtual private server is a server within a server where everything involved in hosting is virtually mimicked. It is a popular choice for small and medium enterprise owners because it is low in cost compared to dedicated server. However the server no way compromises on quality and everything that is provided in a dedicated server is provided by the hosting service. A virtual server is mostly in a computing environment where many users are clubbed together but provided with independent virtual servers so they can operate with freedom.

A Virtuaalserver also give access to the root thus enable owners to change the environment suitable for carrying out operations. In this server, you can make changes such as installing new software or computer apps to facilitate enhanced business operations. The VPS server exactly mimics the dedicated server environment thus you won’t find the difference or shortcomings if there are any. The virtual server also provides you with added security, reliability and performance enhancement.  The VHS environment will allow you to access your website from anywhere as it is located in cloud environment. The server also provides you with dedicated bandwidth and space so you don’t have to share resources with others residing in the same hosting environment.


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