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Even having your monthly flow makes you gain more  Fave Food Diet Review weight. If you are prone to the symptoms of PMS which is the case for most women, you are more likely to suffer form hormonal changes. It causes unwanted food cravings. Bloating is also another issue. Most women find themselves not being able to fit in their skinny jeans during this time of the month.

Generally, once your period is finished, you shrink back in size considerably. It is unlikely to gain that much weight if only because of hormonal food cravings. But if you do notice that you have gained a few pounds throughout the course of your monthlies, here are some of the things that can help out.

It is simple to explain-these foods are loaded with MSG and salt. When you have eaten a lot of junk foods and processed foods, you will surely experience too much water retention during your menstrual cycle leading way to uncomfortable bloating.

It is better to get your carbohydrate loads from those loaded with fiber such as fruits and vegetables. These already have their own moisture content packed in its fibrous packaging so you are less likely to experience bloating. In addition to that, it diminishes the symptoms of PMS. Some experts say eating carrots for a whole week before menstruation can help reduce muscle cramps and back ache. It is worth a try.



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