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Your Guide to a Market Research Questionnaire

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A market research questionnaire is a list of questions presented orally or in writing. Generally, questionnaires contain closed-ended and open-ended questions addressed to members of the target population.


Businesses use questionnaires to make well-informed decisions. For example, a business questionnaire may be used to survey existing or prospective customers and employees for gaining key insights into customer needs and preferences.


Keep reading for an in-depth analysis of a market research questionnaire.


A Market Research Questionnaire Explained


A market research questionnaire is a market research technique that aims to gain a quantitative assessment to complement the qualitative view offered by other techniques, such as focus groups or individual interviews.


Also known as “structured questions,” closed-ended questions in a questionnaire are simple and require only a short phrase or word as an answer without elaboration. On the other hand, open-ended questions (also known as “unstructured questions”) need in-depth answers and allow participants to answer in their own words and provide personal opinions.


An example of a closed-ended question:

“What is your age?” (Needs a word as an answer)


An example of an open-ended question:

“Why did you choose to live in this city?” (Needs specific details to answer the question)


How to Design a Market Research Questionnaire

Here are some of the best practices for designing market research questionnaires:

  • Select the interview method
  • Determine question composition
  • Determine individual question content
  • Develop question order, form, and layout
  • Pilot test the questionnaire


Why Do You Need a Market Research Questionnaire?

A questionnaire helps in gathering large amounts of information (primary data) from sizeable sample volumes. As a popular research method, it is especially effective for measuring a research participant’s attitude, behavior, intentions, preferences, and opinions.


Here are major benefits of using a market research questionnaire (listed alphabetically):

  • Check your position against your competitors
  • Create authentic and fresh content
  • Gain insights into an existing or a future product
  • Identify customer demographics
  • Measure brand awareness
  • Prioritize ad spend and resources
  • Reach a specific audience
  • Segment, research, and analyze your target market
  • Test branding, naming, and positioning
  • Understand consumer sentiment


Types of Market Research Questions

Examples of common market research questions (listed alphabetically)

  • How likely are you to recommend us to your family and friends?
  • How old are you?
  • How would you rate your experience with us?
  • What is the maximum you would pay for ‘X’ product?
  • Where do you live?


Examples of new product survey questions (listed alphabetically)

  • How can we improve the product?
  • How frequently do you use the product?
  • Is the product simple to use?
  • Please rank the product features from the most to least important.
  • What do you like the most about the product?


Wrapping Up

A market research questionnaire helps businesses reach people quickly for gaining meaningful insights and making well-informed decisions.


Without using a questionnaire, it would be difficult to identify potential threats and opportunities and learn more about the target audience.


A market research questionnaire is a powerful research tool to gain customer insights and improve customer experience.




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