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Your iPhone’s Battery Is Telling You Something Important

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If you’ve noticed that your iPhone’s battery life doesn’t last quite as long as it used to, there are two reasons why this might be happening. First, over time, Why is the battery yellow on my iPhone? and more data and apps on its storage, requiring more power to run than it did when it was first released. Second, the battery itself has begun to age. If you want to get the longest possible battery life out of your phone, then you need to pay attention to these signs so that you can replace your phone’s battery before it becomes completely useless.

What Are Strontium Batteries?

Strontium batteries have been in use since 2013, and they offer a couple of benefits over traditional lithium-ion batteries. They’re a little more stable than conventional lithium-ion, meaning they won’t overheat or ignite under certain conditions. They also work well at colder temperatures and don’t age as quickly as other battery types, which helps maintain optimal performance for years to come.

Why Does My Phone Battery Turn Yellow?

Over time, your battery will naturally experience wear and tear. The rate at which your battery ages is dependent on how often you use it, how long you’re using it, and what settings you have enabled on your phone. After a few months to a year of regular use, you might notice that your phone’s battery looks slightly yellow compared to when it was new.

When Do I Need To Change The Battery?

The easiest way to tell if your battery is going wrong is when it starts to drain faster than usual. For example, you may notice that you’re charging your phone more often or that you’re getting fewer hours of use out of each charge. Why does my iPhone randomly restart?  Keep in mind that there are other things besides a failing battery that can also drain a phone’s power faster.

How To Fix A Yellowing Apple Smartphone

To make your iPhone 6 look new again, you’ll need a few things. A cleaning cloth is a must; so are microfiber eyeglasses and computer lens cleaner spray. The last thing you need is a microfiber cloth designed for cleaning lenses, like one from Lenspen. Then, follow these steps: 1) Turn off your smartphone or put it on Airplane Mode, which will stop any apps from running in the background that could be causing battery drain.

Keep It For Years, Without Getting A New One

Apple products are notorious for having short battery lives. But with proper care, it is possible to get several years out of a single battery before you’ll need to replace it. Here are some easy ways to make your battery last longer.


If you have an iPhone and have noticed that your battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to, this could be a sign that your battery needs to be replaced. If you see that your phone has reached 10% battery life or less, don’t worry! It’s not broken or dying, you just need to replace the battery.



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