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With the advent of smartphones, we have totally changed the way we use phones. Not long ago we used them only to make calls and send SMS, but today we use them for everything. We listen to music on them, we record audios to send them through applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, we record videos or take photos for our social networks, etc. The camera is precisely one of the components that many users tend to use the most. When the camera does not work we try to find possible solutions to avoid that our phone has to go through the technical service and buy mobile accessories online. Therefore, in today's article, we want to show you those solutions that answer the question of why your mobile camera does not work.

Why is my mobile camera not working?

If your mobile camera does not work it may be due to a series of problems that will range from simple stains on the glass to a possible more serious failure of the same. We show you a series of tricks that you will have to carry out to rule out that your mobile camera has a major failure.

Reboot the device

First of all, make sure that the problem with your phone's camera is not due to a specific failure. Restart your device and check if the problem disappears or not. If when restarting the phone it has disappeared you have nothing to worry about, it was an internal failure of the device that sometimes occurs without really knowing why. If the problem continues, you can try the next solution that we give you below.

Clean the lens

A clean lens is essential for taking pictures with good focus. Having the camera glass full of fingerprints is a possible cause of your phone not focusing correctly and buy mobile accessories online. From bemovil.es we recommend that you eventually clean the lens with cotton and a little alcohol. If you do not have alcohol at that time, try cleaning it with a little steam from your mouth and with a piece of a shirt that you are wearing. If you can bring some wipes to clean the glasses of the glasses, better.

We recommend that you do not abuse alcohol when cleaning the lens of your mobile. It is the best way to keep it clean, but an abusive use of alcohol can cause you to end up deteriorating the glass.

Clear the camera cache

The application cache is a type of storage ware application store temporary files that they will need often. By saving those files, the next time we use it will work faster.

When an application (in this case the camera) tends to malfunction, we choose to uninstall it and reinstall it again. On some occasions, it may not be necessary, and simply clearing the application's cache would suffice.

 To delete the cache of the device we will go to the following route: Settings> “Applications and Notifications”> “All applications”> Camera> Storage> “Clear Cache”.

Update apps on Android

It is possible that an app that is not native to the device is giving some kind of failure and affects the camera of your device and buy mobile accessories online. If this is the case, you can choose to update the apps that you think maybe causing this failure. Updating them could fix those bugs.

Update the apps on iOS

To update the applications on an Apple device, open the following steps:

Open the App Store. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Click on Updates. Available updates will be indicated in the red notification bubble above the button.

Select “Update all.”

Restore your factory phone

If the camera of your mobile phone does not work after having followed all these steps it may be due to a software failure, so we should restore the factory phone to see if the problem persists.

Factory resets your phone will make you lose all the content stored on it. For this reason, we recommend that you make a backup copy of it so as not to lose its content and buy mobile accessories online at this moment.

You can see how to make a backup copy of your Android or iOS device in the last point of our blog article “Steps to follow before taking your mobile for repair”.

If you have reached this point it is because none of the previous steps have had an effect. It is possible that you have internal problems with the camera lens or that a part that allows it to function has been disconnected or damaged. If so, you will have to take it to the mobile repair service to replace the damaged part with a new one or buy mobile accessories online without wasting any time.

And you, did you manage to solve the problem in the camera of your mobile phone?


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