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Your Next PCO Car Rental Needs the Following Factors

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Anyone who’s worked as a PCO driver will tell you that you need to be very careful about the car you get. Considering you’re aiming to provide premium services to customers, it’s necessary that you do your research. Now, some cars offer great value but aren’t value for money based on various operational costs.

If you already have a car for PCO or aren’t having a good experience with your rentals, you might want to look into alternative options. Those looking to get a PCO car hire in Barking, these are some crucial aspects that you’d want to focus on:

Electric Charging

Petrol and diesel rates have hit all-time highs and can be the main reason why people may not find PCO driving to be a profitable business. To combat this, PCO drivers are opting for hybrids and EVs. Using a home charger, you pay £5.60 for a 188-mile charge. Using petrol or diesel, you pay around £25 for the same amount. Comparing the amount you pay for each mile, it’s 3p vs. 12p for electric charging compared to petrol/diesel.

You’ll pay a bit more using public chargers, where fast chargers come at an additional cost, but the faster-charging rate might be worth the expense. Even with those, you pay £6-7 for a 100-mile charge, making for an excellent bargain.

Quality Interior

Modern cars aren’t just about travelling from point A to point B but having a comfortable and enjoyable experience doing so. A lot of thought and consideration goes into the interior for that. The choice of materials improves as you scale up. Most cars use high-quality plastics and leather, but some cars put a lot more thought and attention into their materials, so the experience is more for a PCO car hire in Whitechapel.

Similarly, some cars, especially family estate vehicles, come with great adjustability for seats for additional space. At the same time, it’s necessary that you maintain the interior by keeping the car clean keep the car clean.

Comfortable to Drive

Driving all day, especially around London, where roads may not be in the best shape, your car must be comfortable to drive. A bumpy ride will be uncomfortable for both you and your customers. Luckily, in newer cars, especially premium cars, a lot of thought and attention goes into ensuring the driving experience and ride quality are good.

How well a car absorbs bumps and shocks primarily depends on how good its suspension setup is. Similarly, you need responsive brakes and a good turning circle to navigate London traffic easily. Smooth acceleration is also important.

Cargo Space

As a PCO driver in London, many of your rides will be to the airport and back. Because there are six major airports in the city and London has an incredible influx and outflow, you’ll find yourself travelling to Heathrow in PCO cars regularly.

Many passengers will carry luggage, which means your car needs adequate boot space. EVs, in particular, focus on spacious interiors because their minimalist designs offer extra space. As previously mentioned, there are adjustment options that you can make to create extra space.

Fuel Economy

The main point when getting PCO cars in Leyton is fuel economy. You’ll be paying for fuel regularly, and it can hike up to cost you a lot. Petrol and diesel are more expensive than ever, and if you do opt for a petrol car, it’s necessary you get a car that offers great mileage within your budget.

To make a good amount of money as a PCO driver, you need to keep your fuel expenses managed. A PCO car with decent mileage gives you 40 miles per litre. This number can vary depending on the state of traffic and how you drive. The faster you drive, the more fuel your car will sip.


Getting a reliable PCO car has become an easier process than ever, as most rental companies are listening to the demands of the public. For example, getting an EV is easier as companies include more varied EV fleets. Not having to pay Congestion Charges and ULEZ amount makes them more viable. These cars come with options like infotainment systems and numerous features that are worth the rental fee.

Premium cars can be rented out, and ride-sharing apps allow you to use them to operate under their banner.

Start your journey as a private PCO driver for ride-sharing apps with a  PCO car for rent. It’s a cost-effective way of testing out the waters. Rental companies like G&M Direct Hire provide reliable, premium cars at market-competitive rates that you can use with ride-sharing apps. You can pick all kinds of PCO cars to rent for short-term car rental or longer rental plans to get started in the business. Acquire a PCO licensed car hire in London for people in Barnet, Leyton, Drayton, Whitechapel, Wandsworth, and Feltham, among many others.

Begin your journey as a PCO driver, and the company will lend its support in various aspects of the process.


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