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The best way to do that is by being found on Google. But you can't just be found on Google – you have to rank high for the keywords your customers are searching for. That's where EmJEx comes in. We specialize in SEO and website development services that will get your company ranking high on search engines so you'll be able to convert more leads into sales.

Your business needs a website if it wants to survive these days! Don't let your competitors beat you out of potential customers with their websites while yours sits there like an abandoned building waiting for someone who never comes. Get ahead of the game today and sign up with us now! With as low as pricing which costs lesser then your coffee expenses for a month.

A short story:

“I'm sorry, your business is not on our list of established companies. We only work with businesses that are located in the US.” Emily said to her customer from France who had come into her small-town retail store one day after a long trip across the Atlantic Ocean. “Why would you want to have a website for an English teaching school?” she asked him. He explained to her how he needed an online presence so his students and potential employees can find his company more easily now since they are all over Europe. She quickly told him about this new service she just learned about called EmJEx Web Development Services which helps people like him get their own website up and running without having to know anything about html or CSS coding!

Emily showed him a veteran website design and development company called https://emjex.com/ .

Website plays important role in business success. In modern technologies, every product service provider should have its own website to be found on the Internet more easily by potential customers, especially for small businesses and companies just starting out.

For most of them, it is not easy to create a website due to lack of experience or time- consuming job. Therefore, they are more likely to give up with the idea of having a website. Website technology can be shocking and incomprehensible for many people at first glance. Website is not only an excellent tool for promoting your products or services, but it may also help you increase your business by finding new clients or buyers.

Join the web development revolution

EmJEx is helping business since 2009. We are a B2B marketing agency that designs for conversions. We provide Web Development as a service, ecommerce website development as a service, SEO and conversion optimization services that drive more ROI from your online marketing efforts. No Commitment. No hidden fees. No more worrying about updating your website. Website as a Service Allows You to Pay Less Upfront and knows that your website will always be up-to-date, maintained and secure.

Problems We Solve

We naturally take on the entrepreneur spirit of problem solving when it comes to our clients. We love to fix websites. It’s in our blood.

  • We have a poorly designed website…

You, your current customers, and your prospects know it. You own a poorly designed website. At best, it’s sending the wrong message about your products and services. At worst, it’s damaging your credibility.

  • We need more qualified leads

Finding qualified leads is like panning for gold. It takes patience and a process to remove the dirt and sand, but when you hit gold, you know it was worth it.

  • Our website needs more organic search engine traffic

You can’t trade for it. You can’t trick it. And you certainly can’t buy it. Organic search traffic is earned, and when your website begins creating it, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

  • Our website sales have decreased.

The bar is high for e-commerce today. Consumers expect a secure checkout, clear pricing, and quality photos. If you want to increase sales, you must focus on data, optimization, & quality traffic.

  • We are missing a website strategy

Is your website’s strategy at all like your last hike? Moving along, but not exactly sure where you’re going, how much ground you’ve covered, or what obstacles are approaching?

Conversion Focused Web Design

Our conversion focused website design, with a laser focus on getting your website visitors to take action, changes organizations perception of what a website can — and should — do.


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