Youtube not working on Apple TV, How to fix?

A detailed to quickly fix YouTube not responding on Apple TV issue 

For those who are wondering whether they can access YouTube services on Apple TV, they would be glad to know that they can easily access the services. However, as per the recent complaints reported, it is said that YouTube does not work with Apple TV perfectly every time. So, for the users who are experiencing an issue with the YouTube services on Apple TV, they can check out solutions mentioned in this article. 

Solutions to fix YouTube not responding on Apple TV 

Well, multiple reasons can lead to YouTube not working on Apple TV, but some of the common reasons that can lead to this issue include software level issues, problems with an update, and network connectivity issues. However, one can resolve this issue in time by using some of the effective solutions discussed in this article. 

Quick ways to fix YouTube unable to work properly issue

1. Restart YouTube app

  • For this process, the user is required to double press on the Home button using Siri remote. 
  • Now, find the YouTube app and quit the same. 
  • Then, return to the home screen and try reopening the YouTube app. 

2. Update Apple TV

In most cases, YouTube not working on Apple TV issues arises because of the outdated version of Apple TV software. So, it is recommended that the user updates the Apple TV software by following the steps.

  • Open the Settings option and click on the System option. 
  • Now, click on the System Update option and check for the updates and install them. 

3. Restart Apple TV

Another basic solution for fixing YouTube not working on Apple TV is by restarting the Apple TV is by unplugging the power cable and restarting it again. This can help in clearing a lot of minor errors that might be hampering the YouTube services on Apple TV. 

4. Check internet connectivity

If there is an issue with the internet, then users can switch the network connections or perform a network test to fix this issue. 

5. Reset Apple TV

For resetting the Apple, the user simply needs to click on the Reset option under the Settings section. 


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