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Soon Zoom will allow its customers to choose amongst the data centre through which their calls are being routed. The following service from Zoom will be started on April 18th, 2020. The news has been proclaimed through a blog posted by Zoom on April 14th 2020. Zoom intends to implement these changes after a report by Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto. In their report, the lab reveals that Zoom is generating its encrypted keys for calling through Chinese servers. The encryption keys are creating through Chinese servers even after none of the callers is calling from China.

In reference to drop all the accusation, Zoom said now they are going to provide an option to their customers to pick from which data centre their calls are coming from. Zoom has recently established its data centres in popular countries of the world, including China, Canada, Australia, India, Europe, Japan, USA and Latin America.

However, the users who are availing of Zoom services for free won’t allow choosing the data centres. Thus, their calls will be routed from the default centre. Although, Zoom still proclaimed that if the users are not situated in China, then it is not possible for even for free users to get their calls routed from data centre servers from China. They added that it is a false accusation upon them, thus from now to prove it, they are releasing a whole new feature to notify their users about their data centres alongside servers’ location.

The report from Citizen Lab came on April 3rd in which they have stated that Zoom is secretly sharing information of the users with China which somehow is a threat to users’ privacy. The CEO of Zoom in reference to this context stated that nowadays their service is getting enormous support from the users. Thus, they failed to handle the system of their services. Therefore, several users call migrated to Chinese servers. They added it was unintentional and later they fixed the subsequent issue.

Couple of week backs, Eric Yuan the active CEO of Zoom, proclaimed that they are going to launch a new feature known as 90 days for the security and privacy concern of the users. He also pleaded about the mistakes their company is doing after massive growth in the business of the company. Thus, they will soon launch the feature to make Zoom as secure as it is previously known for.

From quite a long day, Zoom has been indulged in various controversies regarding encryption and privacy concern of the users. Thus, now the report of Citizen Lab has definitely triggered the mind of multiple users about their privacy concern. If the controversies over Zoom keeps continues, then soon it is possible that Zoom will face a considerable loss.

Source :- https://karenmintonblogexpert.wordpress.com/2020/04/15/zoom-will-let-paying-customers-choose-data-centre-that-route-their-calls/


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