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All About Salesforce Experience Cloud for Non-Profit and a Better Alternative

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The digital world has grown exponentially, and with it, so a need for organizations to adapt. Nonprofits are no exception to this rule. Experience Cloud for Nonprofits is a powerful tool that can transform how these organizations interact with their stakeholders and manage their operations. It is not a free tool, but it provides premium quality solutions at competitive prices. To embark on your journey with this platform, selecting the appropriate license is crucial. There are numerous license types to choose from, each offering distinct capabilities and pricing.

Selecting the Right License

The first step is to buy the proper license carefully for Salesforce Experience Cloud for Nonprofits. There are many different licenses in Salesforce Experience Cloud, so an organization should purchase according to its size and exact needs. These licenses typically vary in terms of user capacity, data management capabilities, and access to premium features.

The platform is designed to bring the power of some advanced features available under Partner Relationship Management (PRM) licenses to nonprofit customers in a more cost-conscious way to aid accessibility within the sector. It also has access to core Salesforce objects and key integrations, such as the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), designed to manage donors, campaigns, and volunteering efforts effectively. In short, you should pick a license based on the size of your donor base, the expected traffic of users, and the specific functionalities required to support the objectives of your organization effectively.

Key Features & Capabilities of Experience Cloud for Nonprofits

The following are the different functionalities and features that come with Salesforce Experience Cloud for Nonprofits, tailor-made to help boost the digital experience of a nonprofit:


Digital Spaces That Suit Your Needs: Create unique digital spaces for volunteers, donors, and clients to engage with your organization. Customize spaces to align with your non-profit’s operational needs and your brand.

Integration with Nonprofit Cloud Products: Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce non-profit-specific products such as NPSP and Volunteers for Salesforce, allowing better relation management and interaction with the stakeholders.

Component-Based Architecture: Leveraging the drag-and-drop interface capabilities of the Salesforce Lightning component framework, even less technically sound employees could be put to the task of page creation. This would allow them to be part of the process of the creation and management of their digital presence without deep knowledge of coding.

More Transparency and Control

Transparency and being in control are critical to the maintenance of trust and efficiency in the operation of any nonprofit. The Experience Cloud meets the needs of Nonprofits through the following:

  • Donation Dashboards:These can be configured to show live data on donations and fund allocation. This would, in turn, bring about transparency with the donors, hence their confidence in realizing the actual contribution made.
  • Document sharing and managing:Volunteers and donors to nonprofit organizations could conveniently share the necessary documentation, reports, and educational material from a single repository point, as there is centralized access to resource centers.
  • Customizable Reporting Tools:The platform offers robust analytical and reporting tools that can be customized to trace many metrics, most of which are essential in nonprofit management. These include levels of donor engagement, use of funds reports, and volunteer activity tracking.

Enhanced Self-service

The platform offers self-service capabilities for donors and volunteers to enhance user experience. Empowering them is central to ensuring that your constituent base interacts with your platform in an engaging, independent way.

The donors can perform several activities, including updating their methods of payment, scheduling recurring donations, and reviewing their donation history.

The platform involves things like how-to articles, donors, or volunteer FAQs. All resources are accessible to them at all times. This eases the burden on your team, ensuring stakeholders have the answers they need without engaging them.

Seamless and Engaging User Experience

Design, digital experience, and usability—these three equally important aspects play an important role in user engagement and satisfaction. The Salesforce Experience Cloud for Nonprofits helps your interface stay in sync with the nonprofit brand’s and its users’ expectations.

  • Branding and Customization:It enables the non-profit to customize its digital space by incorporating its color scheme, logo, and layout design to evoke professionalism and uniformity.
  • User-Friendly Navigation:You can easily retrieve information through such a platform because a user-friendly interface has been designed and created via an intuitive navigation system, including menu customization, search functions, and interactive elements to increase user engagement.
  • Mobile Optimization:The portal works perfectly across any device type, improving customers’ accessibility and satisfaction with your services.
  • Event and Volunteer Management:Volunteers shall be able to sign up and indicate interest in particular events, update availability to participate in an event, and be able to check their event schedules via the portal. The portal smoothens any process and improves the experience for users willing to engage deeper with your organization.

More Power to Stakeholders

Elevate your stakeholders and give them complete control over the experience with your nonprofit. Below are some key features of Experience Cloud for Nonprofits specifically targeted toward donor and volunteer empowerment.

  • Update Personal Information:Update personal and payment information in the portal. This goes a long way in ensuring very high data accuracy with a corresponding colossal reduction in staff administrative overhead.
  • Support and Feedback:The platform can be fine-tuned so that the client can give feedback on the experience or interact live with your team through an integrated messaging system. The latter direct access is a critical component that keeps your audience hooked and all their queries answered as soon as possible.

Secure Payments

Every non-profit organization must ensure the security of transactions. Salesforce ensures donated funds remain safe via its security module.

  • PCI Compliance:The Salesforce Experience Cloud is compatible with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and offers due protection to any credit and debit card information at any point. This reduces the chance of fraud to a minimal level and secures the donor and the organization.
  • Encryption and Security Protocols:The site ensures that all the messages from the user are dealt with securely. They use advanced encryption techniques to ensure secure data transmission between users and the non-profit. This includes SSL/TLS encryption of all data in transit to interception or access to sensitive information.

Tracking and Time-efficiency

Another great benefit of Salesforce Experience Cloud is the opportunity to follow up or track and manage different aspects of operation effectively. This capability would thus guarantee the non-profit the tracking of performance and resource management effectively.

  • Performance Dashboards:This comprises the donation totals, the effectiveness of campaigns, and volunteers’ hours, among other metrics that could be customizable by a manager. These dashboards enable the firm’s performance to be taken in an at-a-glance fashion and decisions made on an informed basis. Also, automated processes help to save much time spent by staff on work, such as, for example, data entry, report creation, or notifications, among others.

CRMJetty Salesforce Portal for Non-Profits

The CRMJetty Salesforce Portal for Non-Profits is designed to streamline the administration and management of non-profit organizations through various powerful features and tools. With full customization control, the CRMJetty portal might be the one you want. Let us see what CRMJeety has to offer.

Donor and Volunteer Communication

An effective communication system is extremely important for managing all information and interactions with donors and volunteers. The channel allows an organization to easily follow and record supporters’ history and preferences, ensuring ease in the future when engaging them in activities. This comes in handy during launching new campaigns or causes because it gives instant access to a ready network of volunteers and donors.

DIY Content Management System (CMS)

CRMJetty empowers nonprofits to create and customize their portal pages very easily. Organizations can easily customize their online identity using our very simple drag-and-drop functionality. This allows non-profits the flexibility of maintaining an up-to-date and relevant digital presence. It is key to engaging stakeholders and effectively promoting causes.

Automated Workflows

With this feature, nonprofits can develop and implement custom workflows from scratch so that you can ensure no mission-critical step is missed during operations. The workflow automation gets rid of all the repetitive tasks, for example, sending reminders for donations or another example is mailing a campaign achievement update. This not only saves crucial time, but also helps to maintain communication consistently with all stakeholders.

Campaign Management

CRMJetty portal ensures you handle all operations from a single interface pertaining to its campaign activities, ranging from sending invitations, raising money, and coordinating with volunteers. Proper management of each campaign ensures that they are run without a hitch and toward their goals, adding to the organization’s overall success.


Dynamic dashboards are visual tools with customization capabilities. They allow at-a-glance monitoring of key metrics, including tracking fundraising progress, donor counts, and volunteer performance, among other statistics. The dashboards can be created to provide fast and insightful data visualization for different needs, such as decision-making or strategic planning.

Document Management

You should be able to manage these easily through a central document management system. These documents are stored and managed within the organization so that you can easily access them. This also helps to bring about operational integrity and orderliness of compliance.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base becomes self-service for all users, increasing their involvement and providing on-the-spot assistance. It includes FAQs, video tutorials, and much more that help train or inform volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders on various matters regarding the organization’s operation. This provides more customer independence and eases the burden on organizational staff by enabling self-service answers to common queries and issues.


Experience Cloud for Nonprofits can help your organization manage your programs, contacts, income streams, donation payments, and much more—all in one place. It’s an excellent tool to help volunteers stay in contact with a non-profit organization and collaborate with other stakeholders on the same or separate programs. But if you want a more customized solution, CRMJetty Salesforce Portal for non-profits is your answer. The solutions give you more liberty to customize the flow per your requirements. To know more about the features and benefits of the solution, contact us by clicking on the button below.



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