The best paid VPN services permit the user to secure their online privacy when sharing and receiving data, without comprising the speed, accessibility and sensitive personal information.

By creating a Virtual Private Network, it generates a shield against the new age online hoaxes and lurking cyber-thieves.

Whether to secure yourself against crimes such as data mining and phishing, accessing restricted platforms and bypassing internet censorship, or having general anonymity- choosing the best paid VPN services is crucial.

In today’s information superhighway, everyone must follow the basic precautions in order to avoid the downside of the internet.

There are countless ways that your privacy may be compromised while using an Internet connection.

best paid vpn services

A VPN software hides the correct IP address, redirects the internet traffic into a VPN Tunnel, and encrypts the personal data- that are effectively inaccessible to any third party and prying individuals.

In addition to protecting data sharing and general safety, there are a number of other reasons to use VPN.

For example, the best VPN service for Netflix helps you to bypass the geo-restrictions and have unlimited access to your favorite movies and tv programs.

Similarly, restrictions on application download, accessing banned websites or platforms, and torrenting can be sidestepped.

Although to secure your laptop, phone and other network-oriented devices, downloading just any VPN is not sufficient.

Choosing the best VPN services for small business requires a clear understanding of the various types of VPN available in the market and calls for an expert’s opinion.

Such protocols are categorized as Remote Access and Site to Site – both intranet-based or internet-based, each providing unique features.

Here, we have taken the matters in our hands, presenting to you a list of the best VPN services for your specific needs and usage.

What Are The Best Paid VPN  Services?

best vpn services


As one of the respected and best VPN services, NordVPN stands in the limelight of high-tech virtual private networks.

It provides premium practices in cybersecurity, highlighting strict Zero Log and anti data retention rules.

For maximum security, it features 256 bits encryption standards- one of the most popular and foolproof encryption systems among the top-notch VPNs and banking platforms for a genuinely private connection.

With over 5000 servers across the globe, NordVPN accepts up to 6 devices simultaneously.

The speciality servers’ feature P2P encryption for torrenting users, extra malware protection, double encryption, ad blockers, customizable DNS setting and dedicated IP addresses. 

While most of the first-tier VPNs present similar features, NordVPN has taken a few extra steps for enhanced security and usability.

Despite the ease of access in the app, it displays two separate kill switches to fend off the common VPN leaks.

Besides security, they aim for a blazing speed in every country their users are based in, which is a considerable factor for streaming and P2P usage.

Named as the best VPN service for Netflix and other streaming apps, together with YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, etc – that may be subjected to geo-blocking factors.

This VPN giant also provides round-the-clock customer assistance, with helpful answers and resolutions when required.

To test the waters – along with speed and security measures, they propose a 30 day money-back guarantee trial.


  • Best VPN in terms of speed, security and user service
  • An extensive number of servers
  • Functional with Netflix, Hulu, Sky TV, Amazon, Etc
  • Compatible with variety of operating system such as Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, and routers
  • Zero Log policy
  • Integrated AdBlock and anti-malware
  • Handling up to 6 devices


  • Requiring long term commitment for thrifty packages
  • Does not accept PayPal payments


Currently, the annual package is offered at $4.92 per month, while a two-year plan drops significantly to $3.71 per month. They also provide seasonal packages, occasionally up to %75 discounts.

best vpn services


Founded in 2018, this young VPN provider has risen to the top in a short time.

Unlimited device protection is this provider’s most competitive feature, with high speed simultaneous connection for all running devices. 

SurfShark application is quick to install with a walk-through to benefit from all their features.

It comes with a built-in AdBlock and anti-malware features for an undisturbed and speedy browsing.

Whitelist system takes privacy to a personalized level, permitting the customers to create their own list of websites and browsers.

Email leak protection through HackLock features comes with a small additional fee for military-grade security.

While boasting significant security features and guaranteed anonymity, the network’s speed is rather compatible for household and personal use.

However, the speed excellence varies in different countries, offering the US United Kingdom and Canada atop the speed ladder.

Most VPN providers offer little to no customization on choosing a server, whereas SurfShark allows variant options such as the fastest servers or the closest geo-location.

They even facilitate using two servers instantaneously as a camouflage tool and better IP abstruse.

To top their security, the kill switch is designed for a zero-leak level of protection.

The best part of their privacy feature is perhaps the provider’s camouflage ability against VPN detectors.

They run 1000 servers in 60 countries; all these servers grant P2P support, The Orion Network and torrent sites compatibility, and malware protection while torrenting.

With one of the best VPN service for Netflix, following P2P trends and watching your favorite TV shows couldn’t get easier.


  • Reliable with top-tier encryption technology
  • Camouflage mode for VPN sensitive networks
  • Zero log policy, private DNS and leak-free
  • Extra privacy for customised white list
  • Budget friendly with an outstanding value
  • Torrenting and Netflix compatible


  • Lack of transparency in the headquarter’s true location
  • Costly packages for short-term subscription


Their service fees vary greatly with subscription duration; the lengthier the package, the cheaper the monthly price.

Their value packages start at $2.49 for a 24-months subscription, $6.49 for 6 months and $12.95 for only a month!

All accompanied with a solid 24/7 customer care and a 30 day money back guarantee.

best vpn services


With over 20 years of dazzling history in the market, IPVanish is advertised as the provider of the world’s best VPN services.

They handle over 1300 servers across 75 locations, and a generous allowance of up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Privacy is adhered to the customers’ log information, secured with a no-leak and zero sensitive log policy.

Like many other world-class providers, they are equipped with 256 bits-Advanced Encryption Standard- a key feature against cyber-crime and autocratic censorship.

Among their many security factors, they are TOR, or The Orion Network, compatible for anti surveillance and censorship network usage.

While the membership costs are fairly on the lower side of the market, they maintain a great speed-price value ratio.

Not only do they facilitate P2P transactions, they are known as one of the best VPN service for torrenting.

Streaming on the other hand is not their power point; although they bypass limited access to Netflix and other streaming through certain servers.

They also promote user-friendly interferences and customized access; the application is pretty much straightforward to install and set up.

For those with a better understanding of DNS configurations, much of the application’s usability and details are customizable. 


  • One of the most secure and speedy networks in the market
  • Socket Security that permits using the program without the application
  • A premium torrenting VPN
  • Leak free, with a strong encryption
  • High number of connection limit


  • No walk-through for the beginners on the use of app interfaces
  • Weak streaming features


Fixed prices range from $7.50 on the monthly package, $20.24 for three months, $58.49 per year.

They also throw in a 7-days money-back guarantee as a reliable test run.

best vpn services


Ranked as the number one VPN provider by TechRadar, ExpressVPN claims to be an effective privacy and user security tool against today’s increasing cyber crimes.

Many tech savvy tests swear by this United States-based VPN, especially for IOS devices and P2P usage.

Like all the Best VPN Services, speed is of utmost importance for ExpressVPN.

They boast over 3000 fast servers in 94 locations with matching IP address and physical server.

ExpressVPN maintains highly secured protocols with fast connections.

This is great news for streamers and torrenters; testimonies often regard this provider as the best VPN service for torrenting for both Tor and P2P compatibilities.

ExpressVPN accommodates various devices, routers and platforms.

However, simultaneous device usage is limited to 5 devices, regardless of the functioning router.

Users can benefit from split tunneling, as well as options for tech-savy’s personalized configurations and add-ups.

Similar to most of the market’s VPN titans, they facilitate a kill switch; the Internet Lock option terminates the network in case of VPN blockage to avoid the accidental leak of your personal data.

Privacy is safeguarded further with features such as Avant grade encryption standards, zero sensitive log policy, and no data retention laws.


  • One of the market’s most reliable and high quality VPNs
  • A generous server collection in all continents
  • Great user reviews in various forums and solid customer care
  • Compatibility with almost all devices including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, Routers, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, game consoles and smart TVs


  • Only a handful of Netflix compatible servers 


According to their website, the most popular package is their annual package for $8.34 per month, followed by $9.99 for six months and 12.95 for a single month package.

Surely their deal specialities are an additional three months for subscribers of the annual package and a 30 day’s money back guarantee as a paid trial period.

To turn the entire experience hassle free, ExpressVPN accepts payment in forms of traditional bank transfer, debit and credit cards, PayPal and even crypto currencies.

best vpn services


Based in Romania, Cyberghost was established in 2011 that claims to be a privacy gizmo in “the online universe with infinite possibilities”.

Fine services and Avant-grade technology have gathered over 15 millions of loyal subscribers to this private network.

They present the sheer essentials of the best VPN services, including strong encryption standards, split tunneling, and speedy connections- all at a reasonable cost.

Privacy tactics of Cyberghost cover from concealing your personal IP address, Wi-Fi protection, and clients’ log information.

With over 4000 servers in 60 different countries, the provider grants a robust browsing session for up to 7 devices.

While most of the VPN companies guarantee a zero log policy, not all hold true to their promises.

Cyberghost on the other hand, has set strict ground rules for log information.

Not only they don’t hold any interest in log-in blueprints, they aim for zero-leak policy, and robust personal data protection-making this VPN a top choice for information sensitive activities, particularly for discreet internet use in Draconian countries.

Other highlighted security features include compatibility with incognito network of TOR for extreme authoritarian censorship  

Not only the network is compatible with P2P data transactions, it also comprises file sharing and specified application features for a smooth torrenting experience.

The ever-changing IP address feature is particularly designed for Unblocking Stream Profile for Netflix streaming. 


  • A large plug-in congruent
  • Supporting major protocols including OpenVPN and L2TP
  • Strict zero log policy and leak-free features
  • Premium user experience and customer friendly interference
  • Torrenting, Netflix streaming features


  • A non-transparent company history
  • Alleged data controls
  • Restricted payment options


$2.25 monthly for a 3-year membership plus an additional 3 months is their best value package.

In addition to $3.99/month annual package and $12.99 monthly subscription.

Besides the monthly program that offers a 14 day money-back guarantee, annual compensation periods stretch over 45 days.

best vpn services


As a leading and one of the best VPN services for virtual liberty rights and against cyber crimes – VyprVPN was founded in 2009 after the whistleblowers warned against NASA surveillance attacks on the American cable networks.

They even incorporate their fundamental operation to secure network connection and freedom on a personal and social level.

While facilitating various protocols such as OpenVPN and zero log policy, it features innovative encryption and up-to-date technology called Chameleon – which is effective against the most strict government surveillance and VPN detection systems; this outstanding technology is effective in most cases, but it does not support IOS operating systems.

Possibly for IP and DNS leaks, as well as malware injection are virtually non-existent.

This advanced VPN provider focuses on security, together with a world-famous speedy connection, on both download and upload rates.

VyprVPN presents great compatibility with markets major devices such as android, IOS, Linux, gaming console, and smart furnitures- almost anything except for TOR network browser. 

The network does not offer much affiliation to unblocking Netflix, particularly in European countries, although P2P users are protected on certain platforms; this swiss based VPN seemingly aims for moral security and virtual freedom.


  • Reliable and speedy connections
  • High standard encryption and Chameleon
  • Exceedingly secured IP leak protection
  • User friendly and easy interferences


  • Lack of Netflix unblocking servers across the EU
  • Possible lengthy customer care response time- although live chat options are available too


There are two major subscription packages that differ for monthly or annual payments.

The basic plan costs $5.00 per month for annual payment and $9.95 per month.

$80.00 annually is the premium package’s best value, charged as $12.95 on a monthly basis.

best vpn services

Private Internet Access

Among the most popular VPN companies, Private Internet Access is noted for its highly optimized download speed and cutting-edge security features.

It is one of the oldest and best VPN services available on the block, often praised as the most reliable virtual private network provider.

Zero sensitive log-in privacy reaches all the way to zero data retention and traffic and communication log and everything in between- they clearly state their strict lack of interest in collecting or sharing users’ information.

When it comes to safety and data privacy, tech-savvy tests have proven leak-free.

Although, the company headquarters is located in the United States, and a part of Five and Fourteen Eyes Surveillance Alliance.

For those seeking a highly advanced online protection with utmost sensitivity, PIA is not recommended.

Data security by passes censorship and data forging by providing anonymity of IP address, P2P facilities, and advanced encryption standards with variable features for personalised usage.

The network spans over 32countries, incorporating 3300+ servers, most of which are torrent compatible.

For streaming, Private Internet Access is backed by years of research and innovation for unblocking Netflix for geo-restrictions- hence known as the best vpn service for Netflix.


  • One of the fastest networks in the market with a long standing reputation
  • Maximum security setting for the highest protection level
  • Dedication to Torrenting
  • Admirable usability
  • Extensive device compatibility and extension add-ups; including games consoles, TVs, IOS, android, etc.


  • 24/7 chat support only in Canada and United states
  • Headquarters located in Five Eyes Surveillance Alliance


Short- and long-term packages both present reasonable prices.

Monthly subscription starts at $9.95, while the annual package drops down to $5.99 and the two years subscription for only $3.49 per month.

There is no free trial but they do provide a 7 day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users.

best vpn services


TunnelBear started back in 2011 and worked its way to the top of VPN providers’ pyramid.

Their extremely user friendly application offers various security features, on both paid and free subscription and is hence the best vpn service for small business.

Free usage comes with a limited 500MB/month bandwidth, or six hours of secure browsing in every 30 days.

As a small VPN company, TunnelBear handles over 350 servers in 22 geo locations.

Despite the limited servers, they provide outstanding privacy by incorporating strong encryption technologies and OpenVPN Protocol that competes with tech giant VPN providers.

Located in Toronto, TunnelBear remains under the Eyes surveillance Alliance; such companies are occasionally subjected to data retention and jurisdictions by government.

However, they safeguard their position with features such as no-log policy, a sturdy encryption system, and leak-free connection with a kill switch.

Similar to most outstanding virtual networks, it highlights multiple device compatibility like Windows, Mac, and Android.

Whereas the popular extension cover from normal plug-ins to ad-blocking extensions and malware protection.

This speedy VPN connection levers up to 5 devices simultaneously, providing anonymity on the IP address, and a GhostBear feature, as an amends against VPN blocking traffic.

All servers facilitate torrenting and the encrypted browser of TOR.


  • Industrial-standard security levels
  • Outstanding usability
  • Limited free services and budget friendly paid options
  • Zero log setting and speedy network
  • Various devices and extension compatibility


  • No live chat customer care
  • No Netflix optimizations
  • Inaccessible to router plug-ins


The free option always provides a clear insight firsthand, showcasing the detailed feature of the application at no cost.

Additionally, their premium features are priced into two packages, a monthly $9.99 subscription and $5.00 for an annual payment.

best vpn services


FastestVPN is not the fastest in the market, but offers viable speed, particularly for household network protection.

Located in the Cayman Islands, privacy is the geo-location attribute of the company’s headquarters, which contribute greatly to data retention jurisdictions.

The strict zero log privacy against collecting and sharing their clients’ privacy is backed up with a leak-free practice.

A kill switch is planted in the application for an emergency stop to your data transaction if the VPN stops functioning unexpectedly.

Later, the application is automatically connected to a new server, for continuing a secure browsing experience.

For unmatching security measures, they feature top-notch technologies incorporated in encryption standards, and up to five tunnel support, including OpenVPN protocol.

With no limit on the user’s data cap, FastestVPN marks a favorite torrenting network, and is named as the best VPN service for torrenting among the budget-friendly providers.

All the market’s popular devices prove great compatibility.

They also support various routers, Kodi, and Apple TV, gaming devices, etc.

Up to ten devices could benefit from the fast and secure connections together with a single subscription.


  • Extremely easy-to-use application
  • Exceptional privacy protocols
  • A generous device compatibility and extension plug-in
  • Affordable with great anonymity and security
  • Zero geo obligation for data retention and no log policy


  • Data and email retention for steam journey enhancement for in-app use
  • Netflix incompatible
  • Does not support TOR
  • Delay in customer service responses
  • Fairly small server size


Subscription plans offer packages for $10 monthly, $29.95 annually, and even a cheaper option at $39.95 for three years.

Money-back guarantee lasts only for a week.

Just like ExpressVPN, they accept payment through card and bank payment, for optimum anonymity, Bitcoin.

best vpn services


Backed by university studies, ProtonVPN is a world leading virtual network provider with renowned features; such as world’s finest and encrypted email networks, and encrypted cybersecurity.

In addition to up-to-date advanced encryption standards, ProtonVPN features OpenVPN protocol and its faster opponent, IKEv2 protocol- taking their privacy up to industrial and government-grade encryption.

Clients anonymity is the principal aim of this swiss VPN that carries a strict no log policy; there are no complaints testifying against exposure of information and data retention throughout their 23 years.

Highlighted as a genuinely leak-free and anti-malware VPN provider, government surveillance and hacker access to your personal data are thoroughly eradicated.

For streamers, only a few servers respond to Netflix’s aggressive geo-blockers.

Due to the complex features available on the applications, set-up may be quite time-consuming.

However, once the user-friendly walkthrough and customization process is successfully over, the app is fairly quick and easy to use.

The major app features include; personalized profile with server and usability preferences, ProtonVPN Secure Core for strengthened security, and Quick Connect.


  • Highly standardised encryption protocols
  • Definitive customer service
  • Reliable servers and steady speed
  • Supportive customer service


  • Low Netflix and P2P compatibility
  • Located in Eyes surveillance Alliance
  • Suitable for only a handful of devices


The prestigious ProtonVPN grants a free subscription for the new customers, and those seeking merely the basic features.

For a full-blown online security protection, subscription packages deliver various features;

Basic plan with $4.00 per month on a yearly plan- as the name indicates, features are basic and slightly superior to the free subscription. VPN connection is available for two devices only.

Plus plan for $8.00 a month is billed annually, with access to TOR and Secure Core features.

Lastly, the Visionary Plan with all-inclusive privacy modules, visionary account and up to ten simultaneous device attachments on a single subscription.

FAQs on best VPN services for Small Business

What is a VPN and why do I need it?

Just like how safeguarding your home and belongings in real life is vital for your general security, the unseen universe of virtual networks are also subjected to malignant attacks and surveillances.

They could harm your reputation, monetary values and above all, your personal freedom.

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network is designed to secure your online presence and activities, despite your geographical location and sensitivity of your data.

It creates a virtual bridge between your server and particular platforms to another country- where you could benefit from a more lenient policies and site access that would be otherwise blocked in your own location.

Most websites record your log-in information; emails, IP addresses, browsing history, DSN, etc.

While some use these collected data to provide a user friendly customer journey, in most cases your personal information is left vulnerable to privy individuals, suppressive governments and companies that are willing to sell your privacy to the highest bidders.

On a device level, staying connected to an unprotected Wi-fi always keeps your devices defenseless to hackers who can collect your passwords, banking information and even personal content such as photos and documents.

Technology is accompanied with innovation, for the better or worse; while many online bullies and hackers are trying to make a living off people’s privacy, VPN technology is an ultimate solution to keep your devices and data safe from cyberthieves.

By installing one of the best VPN services available in the market, it establishes an encoded tunnel between your location and a physical server elsewhere. Hence after, your network connection is routed, obscuring your IP and location to a bank encryption-grade.

Do VPN Services really work?

Responding to this question with a “Yes”, greatly depends on two factors :

Choosing of a top-tier VPN service provider

Using the correct VPN protocol for your specific usage

There are plenty of providers out there that claim a hundred percent security, which has been ruled out by VPN Leak and Encryption tests.

A well-rounded research on the top providers, such as the list above, helps to guarantee a secure and reliable Virtual Private Network that comes with a great speed and ease of usability.

A VPN protocol is a measure for secure data transfer that depends on factors like devices, platforms, operating systems, and much more – OpenVPN stands in the limelight of VPN protocols.

Additionally, you need to keep an eye for Netflix streaming and torrent download privacy: even the most reputable VPN providers are sometimes dodgy about these types of protections.

The reason is that Netflix and copyright backed entities use the most recent tracking and VPN blocking technologies that may disclose your personal information.

Finding the best streaming and P2P providers is indispensable before doing so.

Is Using VPN illegal?

Similar to physical and constitutional laws, each country holds a different stand in online jurisdictions.

Most of the world’s nations are in agreement with the use of VPN. In the United states, for example, it is legal to use a private virtual network to protect your privacy and online transactions’ health.

A handful of countries do not agree with obscuring online presence as it contrasts with their strict surveillance policies. Some mentionable anti-VPN locations are Russia, China and Turkey.

However, it is important to remember using VPN for illegal conduct is prohibited worldwide and punishable according to regional law enforcement.

Will Netflix ban me for using VPN?

As one of the world leading streaming programs, Netflix offers a colorful variety of shows, movies, and other picture motion entertainments.

While subscribing directly to Netflix is rather straightforward, some users may face a different experience.

Certain countries do not permit access to the content, even with a valid subscription.

To bypass these geo restrictions, a good VPN provider with Netflix compatibility is the answer.

Netflix does not ban any user for incorporating a VPN in their online security, although they would try to stop you.

Using a mal-reputed VPN exposes your IP address to the groundbreaking VPN technologies incorporated by Netflix.

As a result, they block your access to your favorite content at the moment.

Despite Netflix’s declaration on legal charges and fines, there has not been any report of such practices.

Is a VPN service worth it?

Yes, VPNs deliver the expectations paid for and even more- for a boosted security, freedom and confidentiality.

For only a few dollars a month, you can secure your personal and financial information as well as all your household devices.

Specific VPN providers are prone to data leak, resulting in privacy exposure.

Choosing the best VPN services is essential to get your money’s worth.

These top virtual private network companies use innovative technologies for strong encryption tunneling and standards, and a stern no log and no leak policies.

Settling down for a free or unestablished VPN often results in a leak of your personal log and browsing information, inadequate security from hackers and surveillance and worst of all, extracting private and monetizable information.

Is VPN safe for banking?

Not only VPNs are safe for banking, but also recommended.

By leaving banking credentials exposed, hackers could steal your money and even identity for further use.

In general, VPNs secure sensitive data and transactions online.

Your data could be at a greater risk while using a public Wi-Fi or mobile applications and untrusted browsers- that are often accompanied with malware hazards.

Using a well-reputed VPN provider, keeps your online banking and transaction safe, and your traffic encrypted.

Be wary of using free and unrecognized VPNs for sensitive data handling, such as financial transactions.

Such virtual private networks are leaky and untrusted that may transmit even higher risks .


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