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IP addresses are unique numbers assigned to all connected devices, including printers, routers, modems etc. A computer's IP address identifies it and allows it to communicate between itself and other devices on a network, internal or external. IP addresses are assigned to all devices that send or receive internet traffic. The Internet Protocol standard is a method of communication. You can use your home address as well. If you want to receive snail mail, the sender needs your correct IP address. If any of the mailing information is incorrect, bills, coupons for pizza, or tax refunds are not delivered. That also applies to all equipment on the Internet. No information can be received without this specific address.

Types of IP Addresses


There are two ways to assign IP addresses: dynamic or static. A static IP address is typically reserved for an email server, business server, or a permanent resident's residence. Your Internet Service Provider assigns IP addresses from a pool of available addresses. There may be a cost associated with a static IP address.


It's usual to assign dynamic IP addresses according to a first-come, first-served principle. As a result, these IP addresses are frequently allocated to residential clients. An IP address with a public or private address indicates anonymity. It is best to use a VPN or proxy server to achieve this. As opposed to that, in technical terms, private IP addresses are reserved for use within the internal network. For instance, your home router has an external IP address and an internal IP address. The internal IP address of your home network is likely Therefore, all devices connected to your home network will have a private IP address assigned by your router.


Currently, most network devices use IP version 4. Due to an increase in the number of computers connecting to the internet, IPv4 addresses are running out quickly. It is just like a city in that new addresses have to be created for new neighbourhoods; however, if your neighbourhood gets too big, you will need to create an entirely new pool of addresses.


Static IP vs. Dynamic IP

For simplicity, a static IP address does not change, whereas a dynamic IP address can change. On the other hand, a dynamic IP address will not always vary because it is dependent on how the ISP has the IP address lease terms and assignments configured.

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