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About Word Counter

Word Counter is an online application that counts characters, words, sentences, pages, paragraphs, and checks spelling and grammar in real-time. This tool helps writers improve their word choice and writing style and detect grammar errors.

Importance of Word Counter Tool

It gets tough when you have to calculate total words and chars for long texts. If you use MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, we know that these data will be shown automatically. Still, you may accomplish this task manually with PDF files because PDF files do not contain the term calculator.

Similarly, whether writing essays or theses, you must keep the length of your works consistent because teachers generally dislike cumbersome tasks or reports. They choose quality over quantity, and WriteUp Cafe’s essay word counter also displays the density of the words so you can swiftly summarize your essays or tasks.

Working of a Word Counter tool

Do not worry if you need to count the words in a text or if you are writing a topic with a limited number of words WriteUp Cafe will help you.

It is easy and simple to use:

Step 1

Get the text, word file, and other material that you'll need to count words.

Step 2

Go to our word counter tool and open it. Copy them and insert them into the text input box.

Step 3

Consider the results. Information such as the number of words and characters can be found in the result section.

WriteUp Cafe Word Counter

WriteUp Cafe's word counter is an ideal tool for checking the metrics of written content. Our team has made every effort to integrate a word counter with all the premium features. With this tool, you can analyze multiple metrics that could help you improve your content and search engine optimization.

Our tool comes with many useful features, which are stated below:

  • Results in a shorter period
  • Content safety and security are ensured
  • Comprehensive outcome
  • Word count check has no limitations.
  • Combination of several beneficial tools

Free to use

Users can use this tool without having to pay anything. We at WriteUp Cafe are committed to making people's lives easier with our useful products, and the free use of our word counter tool reflects that commitment. There are no restrictions on the number of words or files you can utilize every day if you use numerous text files. Writing is a difficult task. It's never simple to write something when you have to stay inside certain parameters, such as a maximum and the minimum number of words. To avoid exceeding the limit, you must remain active.

It occurs online and offline with various individuals such as students, bloggers, webmasters, and others. The tool is also useful for determining a person's words per minute typing rate. To do so, you simply time your typing for five minutes. Then, type your words into the online word counter. Divide your word count by five at the end of the time, and then you'll get your average word per minute rate. We do not store or view your content when you use our tool. All of your content is 100% secure and only you have access to it.