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About Get Source Code of Webpage

In certain circumstances, a website user may need to know the source of a web page, especially if the web page in question is required to be viewed. Source Code Viewer enables you to view the source code in its exact form without worrying about difficulties, but you need to keep in mind that some pages might not allow you to do that. In addition to the source code, people interested in knowing how a certain URL is structured are also looking at the URL's features. They can see this by looking into and checking the source code.This tool does a splendid job at solving the problem, and no more worries about achieving this goal have to be expressed. To take advantage of these features, you need only to enter the URL of that specific web address.


What is Get Source Code?

To understand what source code is, let's look at some examples. A website is composed of a lot of web pages. You can go to Facebook and find a page that shows your profile; another page will show videos, another will show posts from your friends, etc. It is very easy to see that any web page with an attractive design, colors, text, videos, pictures, etc., was created using some computer code. Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and many others display beautiful webpages by obtaining the HTML source code from the server on which the site is hosted and converting this HTML into a visual representation of the content.

WriteUP Cafe’s Get Source Code

WriteUp Cafe’s Get source code is a tool that will let you view your webpage source code in one click to see what this backend looks like. It seems like a lot of online fraud involves landing on a fake phishing site that looks like the original website but isn't the official site and they steal your information. So when you get suspicious of a site, you can view the source code of that page to look at its authenticity, but most fake sites do not allow you to do that, so our tool makes your source code more accessible.


You may also use our webpage source code viewer to get the source code of the website you're interested in and display that component on your website if you like the style of that website's header, for example, and want that header to appear on your website too. Using our tool, you can get the source code of any webpage and then display the header or other component of the webpage you'd like on your page. It is very simple to use. You only have to enter the URL of the webpage and press submit to get the source code.