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About Link Analyzer

An effective online tool that can help you analyse your overall link profile compared to your competitors and find the best sources for generating backlinks is the Link Analyzer Tool. Most major popular search engines consider link popularity a sign of trustworthiness or endorsement. In addition to developing high-quality traffic, links with great content also send many visitors to your site. Thus, free software for link analysis is essential.


WriteUp Cafe gives you full access to your links, letting you review and analyse them as conveniently as possible, whether performing a regular link audit or responding to the latest Penguin update. With our Link Analyser Tool, you can tell if your site contains external and internal links that the search engine spiders will easily find and pick up on a particular page. The search engine, like Google, uses spider links when indexing a website and evaluating its internal link structure and the relationship between its various pages.

Difference between external and internal link


A link that points to another domain is an external link or an outgoing link. Such links originate from a specific field and point to a completely different domain. Generally, outgoing links are links from one domain to another domain to give readers additional information, or they can be links from your website to an associate program. Inbound links provide links from other websites to yours but are preferably referred to as "external links" to distinguish them from links you've added to your website for linking to other websites.


In contrast, internal links guide the user to another page on the same domain. Such links can only be found on your website. Consider, for instance, the navigation menu bars at the top of your website, where you provide internal links to pages like about or contact.


Guide for using Link Analyser Tool


Link Analyser Tool from WriteUp Cafe provides a list of all the links and anchor text associated with a given webpage. All that is required of you is to enter the URL of the web page you wish to analyse and choose which types of links you wish to analyse, including external or internal links. There is also an option to show no-follow links.


This will generate a list that includes all links, both inbound and outbound, and the anchor texts associated with them. When the page has hyperlinked images, the alt attribute of each image will be shown as the anchor text. Remember that you can only analyse the links of one page at a time with our link analysis tool. Therefore, rather than focusing only on the website's homepage, an in-depth link audit or review audit should analyse all the website pages separately.


Importance of free link analyser tools by WriteUp Cafe


An SEO expert or webmaster can quickly evaluate a domain's external and internal links using the complimentary link analysis tool. Furthermore, it is a valuable tool for webmasters who wish to analyse the websites that link to their websites. There are many ways you can use free link analysis software. For example, freelancers who provide comprehensive link analysis reports to their clients earn by offering this service. Therefore, you can take advantage of the same tool. WriteUp Cafe has made the process of free link analysis elementary and simple, regardless of whether you're performing a link audit or working on the latest Plugin update.