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Hyperice Hypervolt 2 MASSAGE GUN Review

Buddy App

Logical the best component that Hyperice has to offer is their sidekick application. We view it as very supportive, particularly for any individual who doesn't have any idea how to ACER NEWS appropriately utilize a back rub firearm. Each of the schedules that you can browse are directed and show you precisely where to situate the firearm, and which connection you ought to utilize.

The application will propose schedules for you to do in view of the exercises that you take part in. These exercises range from hurrying to lifting, open air sports like skiing and surfing, and, surprisingly, just working in the workplace. You can constantly return and add more also assuming that you wind up attempting new things. The “Schedules” tab is where you will track down the recommended schedules in general, from a full body knead, to a daily practice to do prior to nodding off.

The Hypervolt 2 likewise has Bluetooth abilities, and can be matched with the application. It's a truly straightforward cycle — simply ensure you have your Bluetooth empowered on your telephone, and when you're in the application you can choose ‘pair new gadget', track down your Hypervolt 2, and afterward it'll be immediately connected. The speed setting can then be set consequently as indicated by which routine you choose to do.

Item Specs

The Hyperice Hypervolt 2 is one of the better back rub weapons we've utilized because of tension and the numerous connections are incorporated upon buy. It's produced using a hard plastic that we feel is very tough, it doesn't feel like you could break it by winding or dropping it.

The handle includes an oval shape that tops off the palm, and furnishing you with a truly pleasant grip is enclosed by elastic. In spite of it just weighing 1.8 pounds, it is somewhat huge. It's around 9.5 inches tall, and without a connection, it's around 6.5 crawls from front to back.


The actual firearm, and every one of the connections yet the ball and pad are produced using a hard plastic. The elastic that folds over the handle will give you a pleasant hold during use, and we additionally truly like the oval shape.


The lithium-particle battery used to control the Hypervolt 2 is intended to keep going for three hours, and can be charged without warning. The LED light at the foundation of the handle cycles between green, yellow, orange, and red. These tones are explicit, and will show definitively how much life is left in the battery. If it somehow happened to kick the bucket, we expect it ought to require something like three hours for it to be completely energized once more. While it's intended to keep going for three hours, that life expectancy will differ contingent upon the speed setting and how much strain you're utilizing.

Regardless of whether it just goes on for two hours, that ought to in any case be a very sizable amount of time for you to get a strong back rub since you truly ought not be utilizing a percussive back rub weapon 오피정보 in one region for over two minutes. Assuming you surpass that measure of time, you risk causing yourself injury.

The charging port is situated under the handle, and uses a 15v charger. Coolly, assuming you anticipate voyaging abroad, Hyperice tosses in three different outlet connectors that you can go on your outing with you (these are incorporated with your unique buy).

Aspects and Weight

The Hyperice Hypervolt 2 weighs 1.8 pounds, so you shouldn't get excessively exhausted while utilizing the firearm, yet it is somewhat huge in spite of that light weight.

It's close to 9.5 inches tall, and from front to back, it's around 6.5 creeps without a connection got. With a connection, add an inch or two to that level length.


All of the Hyperice items include a one-year guarantee that will cover any assembling surrenders. There are a few prohibitions, as you might expect, for example, any unit that is removed from the United States. For you to acquire a superior comprehension of their strategies, we propose looking at their guarantee segment.

Spots to Buy

You can buy the Hypervolt 2 straightforwardly through the Hyperice site, or from other wellness sites, like Rogue.

Organization Information

Hyperice has adhered to its statement of purpose set in 2011 to assist everybody with moving, live, and be their best selves. To figure out additional about their tasks, you can visit their Contact Us page to talk with somebody in their client care group, or finish up a help solicitation, and they will email you.

Last Word

Despite on the off chance that you sort out or not, our bodies will generally get solid, and some of the time we really want a method for easing that touchiness. Rub treatment is an incredible method for expanding your blood stream to a particular region and begin feeling improved, however that can be really costly over the long haul. With a percussive back rub firearm, you will be setting aside cash at the end of the day, can in any case encounter a similar recuperation benefits. READ MORE

The five connection heads that are incorporated with your Hypervolt 2 buy will permit you to rub your entire body, from profound tissue, to delicate regions, similar to your hands and neck. The three speed settings are really powerful, and we have had the option to differentiate in our irritated muscles following a hard preparation day.

In the event that you anticipate utilizing the Hypervolt 2 consistently and truly integrating it into your daily practice, we figure this could be an extraordinary choice for you to consider. In any case, since it is a piece expensive, it may not be great for the people who don't anticipate utilizing it that often.


What precisely are percussion rub firearms like the Hyperice Hypervolt 2?

A percussive back rub is finished by consolidating fast and redundant strain with vibrational treatment. The connections on the back rub weapon move rapidly, and apply sufficient power blended in with the vibrations to resolve any firmness you might have in your delicate tissue. This is an extraordinary method for further developing portability, ease strain in your muscles, and even accelerate your muscle recuperation process.

What number of connection heads does the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 have?

The Hypervolt 2 comes furnished with five unique connections for you to utilize, and will permit you to zero in on your whole body. From enormous muscles like your quads, to delicate regions like your hands, wrists, and neck — there is a possibility for anything muscle bunch you want to work.

Is the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 better than going to see a back rub specialist?

While it's hard to say that one is dispassionately better compared to the next, going to see a back rub specialist even more than once per month can be really costly over the long run. With a back rub 부산오피 firearm like the Hypervolt 2, you'll spend more cash forthright, however it will ultimately pay for itself, you'll in any case encounter a ton of the very helps that a back rub specialist can offer.


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