Among the many popular social media sites, Instagram stands out for its vast user base of over a billion monthly active users who share photos and videos of their daily lives with others. 

Downloading videos/posts from Instagram stories, highlights, and Reels for offline viewing is something you'll want to do more often. That's where the Imginn Instagram downloader comes in handy. 

Let's examine this program from every possible perspective. Below, we'll go into more detail about this platform.

What is Imginn?

Many assume Imginn is a mobile app for download from the Google Play store. We have some good news, though, Imginn is not an application but a website that allows users to remain anonymous. 

That means loading it only takes up a little space on the mobile device or the computer. All you have to do is go to, and you will be there. It will ease your burden by enabling you to browse Instagram without creating an account.

You can view Instagram stories on Imginn anonymously. Having your own Instagram account means you'll have easier access to the posts and stories of people you admire.

The good part is that the story's creator can see who has visited their profile and how many times. You can now use Imginn to follow your favorite profiles and quickly find the latest stories related to them; no one will even know about it in the account.

Guide To Using Imginn

Imginn's popularity stems from the site's interactive features. Here's how you can view the public Instagram profiles of your favorite celebrities and models:

1. Go to any search engine or web browser

2. Type Imginn into the search box

3. When you get to the main page, enter the person's name or your username to see their profile.

Anything you want to do, you can do on this website. You can copy the profile, bio, tags, descriptions, and other information. You can view the profile while remaining completely anonymous.

Features of Imginn Instagram Downloader

Let's go over all the different features this website offers its visitors and users. The following is a list of some of the features that are available through Imginn:

  • Users can view and download the stories of other users without revealing their identities.
  • You can view the posts made to Instagram accounts you are not following and also download these posts.
  • You can download any post, whether it be a photo or a video.
  • It also allows you to back up these posts, though you will need to do this independently.

Imginn Alternatives 

You can download content directly from Instagram accounts on some other websites. Below are a few to help you choose the most appropriate one.


When you need to check out an Instagram account without anyone knowing who you are, SmiHub is your best bet. The website allows users to view and download media from any Instagram account without revealing their identity.


You may also view Instagram stories without being recognized with the help of Instalkr. Pictures, videos, and profiles can all be viewed here. This app will not draw any attention to you, and it is free.

Qoob Stories

When downloading content from Instagram, Qoob Stories is highly recommended. From this page, you can access both public and private Instagram stories. Their service is risk-free; enter the Instagram username to see their profile anonymously. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to follow an Instagram account anonymously, now you know how to do it.

Using Imginn, you can quickly and easily access and download photos and videos from another user's Instagram account, including their profile, stories, posts, and media files.

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