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  1. Science / Technology
Cyber-attacks have lately been going up. DDoS attacks have affected numerous postal and banking services in New Zealand, making those services not accessible and customers angry. In Russia, technology company Yandex was met with the largest-documented DDoS attack. With the increased cyber-attack count around the globe, businesses must know ways of handling the misuse of […]
  1. Science / Technology
From the noughties period, acquiring enough IPv4 addresses for business sustenance and scalability has been difficult for companies. All of the around 4.5 billion Internet Protocol version 4 addresses are assigned. The major IPv4 exhaustion occurred when all regional internet registries ran out of their remaining pools of IPv4 addresses. What Does IPv6 Mean? The […]
  1. Science / Technology
A network device needs a one-of-a-kind Internet Protocol address to be able to communicate with others. The unique address identifies each of these devices connected to the internet through a TCP/IP network. Facilitating the connection and consequent communication between these devices is its biggest purpose. Each network-connected device that utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) for communication […]
  1. Science / Technology
The seemingly complex IP (Internet Protocol) address system is essential to enable efficient data transfer from device to device. The address indicates the location of an internet-connected device. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers oversees the IP address allocation process. The nonprofit usually assigns IP address blocks to namespace organizations like internet providers, […]

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