1. Fitness

As a culture, we have never taken auditorySharpEarReview loss or even deafness as seriously as we take blindness and other major problems. But we especially regard mild to moderate loss of hearing as something hardly worth talking about. But there are a number of reasons that the loss of this important sense should be taken seriously.

Without good ears, you could miss car horns, sirens, important calls, alarms, and more. But that isn't even the primary concern. Studies have shown that those with untreated impairment often fall into depression and isolation. There has even been a link between auditory loss and the onset of dementia.

Get a hearing test and find out what you can do to prevent yourself from travelling this path.

  1. Business
Most people will at some point experience a ringingSharpearReviewor buzzing sensation in their ears. But most of the time it will go away within a few minutes. If the ringing persists for a longer time, that is called tinnitus. You will usually hear a ringing or buzzing that no one else can hear. Sometimes the […]

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