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We often overlook the strategic importance that a good warehouse holds. Choosing the correct warehouse is indispensable to catering to your individual or company needs.

Often when considering storage solutions in Singapore, people assume ‘The bigger, the better.’

This is not always true. According to your belongings and needs, smaller storage space might turn out to be better for you – in terms of both cost and usage.

When should you consider renting a small warehouse?

If you have a lot of clutter in your house or apartment, you've probably considered renting a storage space. Many people, however, choose not to use storage spaces. Those people are missing out on the numerous advantages of using local small storage spaces.

Whether you have a lot of extra furniture lying around or you own an e-commerce business that needs somewhere to operate from, a small warehouse space for rent is an excellent option for you to consider.

How is it helpful?

A rented warehouse space allows you to effortlessly store items that no longer belong in your home. If you are a small business owner, it is perfect to help store products. For aspiring e-commerce operators, a small warehouse can act as a storage facility/ base of operations as the business can operate from the storage space itself – take orders, dispatch goods, manage inventory and oversee other logistics.

What should you look for in a warehouse before you rent it?

  1. Opt for a location most comfortable for you. The location of a warehouse is critical for the following reasons – It enables you to work in various geographical locations. Even if your in-house distribution is situated elsewhere, you may match your customers' expectations by picking a warehouse in the target market sector. While scouting a location, you can also take into account ease of transport and accessibility to transport to and from the warehouse.
  2. Storage spaces offer an assortment of services from fulfilment hubs to 3PLs and valet storage services. You can choose a storage solutions provider that offers the kind of services you shall require.

Everything that we offer here at Work+Store:

At Work+Store, we offer Business Storage solutions to small businesses and e-commerce platforms. Not only this, but our storage solutions are also inclusive of a variety of options that also consider individual storage needs. We have various sizes of storage units available – small, medium and large.

  1. Small Unit – With its size ranging from 100 to 200 square feet, this option is ideal for homeowners who want to store furniture and extra items and smaller businesses who wish to operate from the storage space itself.
  2. Medium Unit – This unit’s size ranges from 200 to 299 square feet and is appropriate for e-retailers wishing to relocate their product out of their house. It functions as a modest warehousing solution or work and storage space for commercial use.
  3. Large Unit – The largest units available measure 300 to 399 square feet. It is big enough to be used as an office space as well as a storage area with lighting, power, and air conditioning.

Regardless of the size of the storage space, you decide to choose, here at Work+Store, some premium amenities are available as complementary services to all storage spaces. These facilities include – the option of choosing an air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned unit, access to moving equipment, lights in every unit, direct loading, 24/7 access and CCTV surveillance along with plentiful parking. 

The Business Storage facilities also have access to a fulfilment hub, pantry and a communal breakout area.

Benefits of a rented warehouse

From having a space to dump things that you do not need at home anymore to having a space to operate your business from, the benefits of warehouse space are plenty. Businesses in all sectors are increasingly utilizing warehouse storage solutions as it offers a smart and savvy way to store necessities.

  1. Entrepreneurs can operate their offices from the warehouse itself.
  2. Retailers can store extra products and maintain inventory efficiently.
  3. Legal and medical professionals can use the space to store excess files and paperwork.
  4. Home decorators, realtors and even moving companies use warehouses as temporary storage.
  5. Storage units can act as the command centre for e-commerce sellers and become the hub for their operations and delivery.

To Sum It Up

Rental storage spaces are the ideal storage solution for hundreds of individuals' and businesses' needs today. A small rental warehouse has plenty of benefits and barely any drawbacks if you are in search of storage solutions. In a world where there is barely any space left, a space that shall help your business grow is a space you can invest in. From flexible leases to moving solutions, Work+Store offers it all. Explore the wide range of units and storage options available on our website. Find one that suits your needs best, and we shall take care of the rest. Your wish is our command, and we are here to serve. 


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