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North America In the North American region, Fluoroelastomer prices saw a decline in the fourth quarter of 2023, aligning with the reduction in Crude Oil prices in the U.S. market. Despite a positive upswing in U.S. vehicle sales, with a noteworthy month-on-month increase surpassing expectations in December, economic challenges endured.  The overall economic landscape indicated […]
North America  In the fourth quarter of 2023, the North American Ethylene Carbonate market exhibited a varied trend with prices fluctuating throughout the quarter. Over the three-month period, the demand outlook remained moderate as consumers hesitated on new purchases, focusing primarily on long-term orders. In the initial month, demand was unstable, given the ample material […]
North America In the North American region, Ethylene Acrylic Acid Copolymer (EAA) experienced a fluctuating trend in the fourth quarter, characterized by an initial decline followed by a subsequent rise in the last two months.  The downturn in October was primarily driven by the alleviation in feedstock costs of Ethylene and Acrylic Acid. Concurrently, subdued […]
North America When compared with the previous quarter, the market fundamentals of Dimethylcyclosiloxane in the USA showcased an upward price trajectory in the wake of increase in market trading fundamentals and low-level product inventories among the significant manufacturing units. In Dec, the price of Dimethylcyclosiloxane in the USA was observed to be 3130/ton FOB USGC. […]
North America During the fourth quarter ending in December 2023, the US market prices of Dimethylacetamide showcased bullishness in its trend. The market players attributed this to the heightened demand from the downstream textile and polymer manufacturing sectors along with the low supplies of the product. In terms of the upstream market, the Dimethylacetamide Prices supported the […]
North America The North American DMS market displayed a mixed price scenario in Q4 2023, initially decreasing in October and November before experiencing a modest increase towards the quarter's end. The decline was driven by weakened downstream demand from industries like surfactants and pesticides, along with easing freight costs and sufficient regional supply. The slight […]
North America The Di Isopropyl Ether price trend shifted in the North American market during the final quarter of the year. Initially, the cost support fell from upstream Acetone in the producing countries amid pessimistic market sentiments from downstream buyers and increased availability of supplies.    It reduced the production Diisopropyl Ether Prices amid the weak demand […]
North America When compared with the previous quarter, the price of Diethylenetriamine Prices in the North American market witnessed an uptick in the market purchases, resulting in higher price trajectory. In the North American market, the DETA market showcases an upper price trend along with an uptick in the trading fundamentals.  The improvement in the downstream market along […]
North America Diacetone Alcohol (DAA) prices in the North American market exhibited an initial increase of approximately 8% during the first two months of the fourth quarter, followed by stability in December 2023.  Demand conditions within the Diacetone Alcohol market remained largely subdued, mirroring the moderate performance of the construction sector. In the United States, […]
North America In the fourth quarter of 2023, the Defoamer Surfactant market in the USA demonstrated mixed sentiments and the prices fluctuated throughout this period. The quarter witnessed substantial impacts on the market, primarily influenced by various factors. Weak demand from downstream sectors, including water treatment, detergent, and other end-use industries, played a pivotal role in shaping […]
North America In the final quarter of 2023, the North American Cyclopentane market encountered a combination of challenges and opportunities. Initially, there was a positive market sentiment driven by a Cyclopentane supply shortage and increased global demand from the refrigerant sector.    International demand, particularly from the Indian market, remained strong due to the upcoming […]
North America The North American Cyclohexanone market has witnessed a bearish trend in Q4 2023, primarily due to the expected restrictions on vessels' transition through the Neopanamax locks, which have hampered the supply chain. Furthermore, the reducing domestic petrochemical production capacity and overseas supplier inventory due to oil production cuts by major producers have also […]
North America Cyclohexane prices in the North American market have demonstrated a bullish trend, despite encountering a substantial drop of approximately 20% in the prices of the feedstock Benzene.  The prevailing dynamics in the U.S. Cyclohexane Prices have been primarily influenced by constrained supplies of the product, resulting in a notable shortage. The demand for Cyclohexane remained robust, […]
North America In North America, Copper Sulphate demand remains steady, driven by agriculture, water treatment, and industrial uses, with sectors like construction and infrastructure susceptible to fluctuations based on ongoing projects and economic conditions.   The prices of Copper Sulphate have remained firm in the US throughout the Q4 2023. While North American production capacity […]
North America During the fourth quarter of 2023, the Colloidal Silicon Dioxide market in North America encountered hurdles, witnessing price and supply fluctuations due to various factors. Firstly, the market struggled with restricted inventories, leading to a limited supply of Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, mainly due to weakened trading ties with major exporting nations. Secondly, demand […]
North America Chloroform pricing in North America region during Q4 2023 witnessed a fluctuating trend. The market sentiments were robust due to the low supply of regional products resulting in Chlor alkali companies elevating their production pace. Nevertheless, bullish demand and reviving market fundamentals elevated the price trend, supported by the low inventories of Chloroform […]
North America The Chlorinated PVC market in North America exhibited overall favorable conditions, with prices initially experiencing a decline in October but subsequently increasing in November and December of the fourth quarter of 2024.  The initial decrease of 2.5% in October was attributed to reduced demand from the plumbing industry within the construction sector, influenced […]
North America In the fourth quarter of 2023, the North American Chequered Plate market experienced a slight declining trend amidst several significant factors that impacted prices. Initially, the Chequered Plate prices in the US surged due to heightened demand from the chemical and automotive industries, coupled with limited upstream material supply. Despite robust economic indicators, […]
North America During the challenging fourth quarter of 2023, the North American Cellulose Ether market encountered significant obstacles driven by three primary factors.    Firstly, the demand for Cellulose Ether remained low in both domestic and international markets, attributed to a slowdown in the construction industry. This decline was influenced by high labor costs, escalating […]


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