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The newborn screening test helps in diagnosing rare diseases in newborns, facilitating early treatment. A steady rise in birth rate coupled with rising incidence of serious health disorders among newborns has amplified the demand for newborn screening around the world. Introduction of favourable government programs & legislations is contributing to the demand for newborn screening. […]
As the adverse effects of climate change continue to exacerbate, many new innovations are being introduced to curtail carbon emissions. To this end, zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) have emerged as one of the most promising products. Many governments and environmental agencies are actively seeking to boost the adoption of cleaner modes of transportation. They are introducing […]
Recently, a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, lifestyle changes, stress, and improper workout schedules have become more prevalent. Such trends are becoming one of the major root causes of various critical ailments including obesity, diabetes, mental strain, high blood pressure, cancer, and sleep disorders. With time, cognizance of the adverse impacts of such lifestyles has gained […]
Bruises are a common occurrence, and they occur usually after a trauma injury. Bruise forms after the blood vessels under the skin get injured, thereby trapping the blood underneath and creating a black, purple, or blue mark. Besides blunt trauma, the growing prevalence of blood-related health disorders such as haemophilia, leucocytosis, Von Willebrand disease, and […]
Lately, increased reliance on anti-bacterial formulations for cleaning and maintaining hygiene has gained significant traction. Ongoing trends of sustainability and going green have completely altered consumers’ perspectives, making them more thoughtful of their purchases. Rising environmental concerns are triggering the shift towards natural and organic cleaning products. Moreover, cutting-edge technological advancements have surged the availability […]
Global demand for geophysical services soars as a growing number of mineral and mining, and oil and gas projects require geo-analytical data for preassessment. Fairfield Market Research in its new report forecasts a promising growth outlook for the geophysical services market during 2022 – 2029. The market that attained an estimated revenue of US$13.2 Bn […]
The present scenario demonstrates that the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) market is overflowing with new products. Manufacturers, retailers, and marketers are hunting innovative ways to manage supply chains. However, such a scenario also requires a planned strategy for picking up the product from the point of receiving to delivering it to the end user. Perceptively, an […]
Growing environmental concerns and carbon emissions have created an urgent need for adopting sustainable energy sources. Several economies across the globe are aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions by limiting the usage of fossil fuels in favour of electric solutions. This is resulting in the growing employment of electric forklifts across many industries including […]
In recent times, chronic ailments have been on a rise across the globe. Due to this, public health decision-makers and healthcare providers continually seek advanced and effective medical devices that can aid in wound recovery and management. Against this backdrop, wound irrigation systems have emerged as a suitable solution to achieve excellence in wound care […]
The global softgel capsule market has been witnessing sound expansion owing to its functional benefits. Softgel capsules are majorly used in delivering pharmaceutical substances and nutritional supplements such as Omega-3 oils and vitamins. These capsules have numerous advantages including improved absorption, ease of swallowing, enhanced bioavailability, high atmospheric stability, and taste and odor masking. The […]
The resounding call for sustainable development has reverberated in countries around the world. This has driven manufacturers across various industries to incorporate green innovation and eco-friendly practices into their business processes. In this context, the water-based inks market has undergone significant change, particularly in the Asia Pacific. The use of water-based inks aids in reducing […]
Of late, consumers across the globe are undergoing a massive shift to adopt green and ethical food sources. Such trends are driven by various factors namely, environmental concerns, animal rights, a greater focus on healthcare, and a high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases. It is believed that adopting a low-fat, low-calorie, and low-cholesterol diet derived from […]
The gift packaging market has undergone tremendous change over the past few years. Earlier, consumers and manufacturers were attracted towards bold, vibrant, and glossy packaging for various gifts. However, the global call to use sustainable and eco-friendly products, coupled with growing preference for chic and minimal styles, has propelled consumers to opt for clean materials […]
Over the recent past, the global production of rare earth elements (REE) has witnessed a consistent increase. These elements are vital for the production of electric vehicles (EV), defense products, clean energy, and high-tech consumer electronics. REEs are used in several application areas such as glass, magnets, catalysts, defense applications, and functional ceramics. Among these, […]
An approximately US$472 Mn market for microgrid monitoring systems is all set for strong growth in long term according to a latest published market intelligence report of Fairfield Market Research. The global microgrid monitoring systems market is expected to experience around 2.8x expansion in revenue during 2022 – 2029, exceeding the billion-dollar mark. The surging […]
Expanding at an impressive rate of around 18.9% between 2021 and 2026, worldwide demand for plant-based meat products is likely to account for the revenue of over US$13 Mn. A new Fairfield Market Research study indicates that the growth of plant-based meat market will remain influenced by the exploding popularity of vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, and cruelty-from trends among […]
Rigorous digitization initiatives have transformed the way organizations operate. Today, senior decision-makers and the C-suite rank digital transformation as one of their top business priorities. With the growing preference for digitally-enabled systems, the demand for e-discovery solutions has been on a steady rise. Factors such as rising litigation costs, cumbersome compliance obligations, and an increase […]
The adoption of disruptive technologies has created unprecedented growth opportunities in the edutainment industry. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, IoT, and 3-D animation have emerged as the leading forces that are fostering novel business outcomes in the global edutainment market. In the coming years, the increasing popularity of advanced gaming technology, particularly among young […]
Globally, pet adoption rates and the trend of keeping companion animals is growing rapidly. Against this backdrop, the demand for several veterinary products is also amplifying. Moreover, many people are actively trying to adopt, or help strays which are sick or have suffered serious injuries. As the medical science for animal care undergoes more advancements […]
Of late, eye tracking technology has showcased great potential in the field of consumer research and advertising. In addition, smart wearable technology has also witnessed significant upticks in investments, thus, expanding the horizons of the global eye tracking market. Cutting-edge developments in contactless biometrics alongside the integration of futuristic technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), […]
Estimating a staggering 14.5% CAGR for global organic pea protein market through the end of 2029, Fairfield Market Research forecasts the market revenue to surpass the valuation of US$52.2 Bn by the end of forecast period. A new study of the company highlights that the market registered the revenue of around US$17.8 Bn in the […]
Paradigm shifts and technological interventions have completely transformed the way industries operate, making a quantum leap toward automation. To this end, industrial robots are comprehensively being incorporated across food and beverage, metals and machinery, electronics, and semiconductors industries. Leveraging these industrial robots, organisations can efficiently automate mundane and repetitive tasks with great precision and accuracy. […]
Telematics refers to a technology that uses wireless networking, telecommunication components, vehicular sensors, and data dashboards to enable data transmission among moving transportation devices. Telematics has revolutionized several industries including transportation, building, and construction. Commercial vehicle companies have adopted telematics to boost their service standards, improved efficiency, and increase trustworthiness. Furthermore, telematics also finds its […]
Distribution transformers efficiently distributes final voltage into electric power systems. It drastically brings down the levels of voltage to a point where it can be safely used by end-user. In the whole process, the distributor transformer effectively prevents open circuit losses while focusing on saving energy. Additionally, these transformers are highly reliable in terms of […]
In the past decade, paced research and development activities in the agriculture industry have paved the way for several healthy food options. Moreover, the alarming rise in the incidence of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity is creating an incentive for healthcare organisations and governing bodies to promote healthy lifestyles. These […]
Lately, the food industry has undergone pathbreaking transformations. Due to drastic changes in lifestyles, consumers are showcasing great bent towards convenient packaged food. This have coerced the food suppliers to come up with robust and efficient solutions to produce superior quality food products. Robots and automation are enabling food suppliers to achieve desired results at […]
Prominently, wound infections might cause a delay in the healing process of chronic wounds. To some extent, most of the wounds are colonized by pathogens and bacteria, however, it does not necessarily denote wound infection. Conversely, some antimicrobial agents are used in minimizing the burden of bacteria in chronic wounds. Antimicrobial wound care has raised […]
Azo pigments are the largest group of organic pigments. They are widely known for their cost-effectiveness, simple application, and strong colours. Moreso, azo pigments have a wide chromatogram distribution with colours including yellow, orange, red, brown, and blue. The azo pigments are categorised into insoluble azo pigments, azo lake pigment, and condensed azo pigments. They […]
Better production, enhanced mechanization, and easier logistics are some of the key contributors to the higher usage of plastics in the horticulture industry. They have quickly replaced heavy and brittle clay pots as they are not as lightweight and durable as plastics. As globalisation gains momentum, the demand for exotic plants has increased. To this […]
Several solid vitamin supplements experience slower passage through the gastrointestinal tract creating difficulty in breaking down. Similarly, some food and other chemicals might hinder vitamin supplements' absorption. To this end, vitamins drink are efficient delivery systems that absorb the nutrients of these vitamin supplements. Vitamins drinks naturally soothe pain and strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, […]
Vegan powder comprises amino acids (BCAAs) including leucine, isoleucine, and valine which help in boosting the immune system and provide ease in breaking down food components. Consumption of protein, being the latest trend, has unlocked pathways for tremendous diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and other lifestyle disorders. An incessant rise in cardiovascular […]
As industry 4.0 sets the pace of widespread transformations, the adoption of connected technologies is expected to grow at posthaste speeds. Against this backdrop, the demand for system on module (SOM) is growing. It incorporates critical elements of electronics design including RAM, Flash, and microprocessors. As these electronics are essential for developing robust sensors and […]
Over the past decades, the parking sector has undergone a drastic transformation and experienced some major high-tech advancements. Sensors and cameras essentially enable the monitoring of parking spaces and verifying the availability of the same. Various mobile apps are now being used to show free parking spaces in public or indoor areas, comprising facilities to […]
The soaring healthcare costs and rising incidence of diseases have coerced people to opt for health insurance coverage. At times of medical emergencies, people might fall short of sufficient funds, wherein this insurance coverage plugs in to provide financial assistance to beneficiaries. Presently. health insurance coverage is made available for a wide range of health […]
Of late, the growing prevalence of cardiovascular disorders and other health conditions is becoming a cause of great public health concern. Sedentary lifestyle trends and poor dietary habits are some of the key factors contributing to such alarming developments. Healthy diets are being promoted by government organisations and other healthcare bodies to overcome such health […]
The evolution of Industry 4.0 has unlocked new milestones of automation, efficiency, and productivity in industrial operations. Integration of Industry 4.0 enables the programming of robots with specific commands and instructions that empowers them to work effectively in diversified operational environments, under distinctive circumstances. Automation by Industry 4.0 offers an effortless adaptation of new changes […]
An electric broom is a cleaning machine that encapsulates the functionality of a broom, dustpan, and low-powered vacuum cleaner. Noticeably, electric brooms have gained significant traction across flat, plane, and hard surfaces, such as schools, hospitals, offices, and homes. Numerous factors such as a surge in disposable income, improving living standards, and the growing working […]


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