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The foundation of collaborative logistics networks is based on shared resources, coordination and cooperation. They work together to build an efficient and well-coordinated supply chain network including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers, etc.
Same-day delivery requires focusing on important aspects and eliminating problems quickly to ensure enhanced customer satisfaction and business. It is greatly ensured by logistics companies with hyperlocal delivery services in Ghaziabad, Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and other places. 
handover helps businesses deliver their products to customers. Its delivery operations make product delivery for businesses quite favourable. handover’s logistics services enable businesses to run their operations smoothly. For ensuring this, handover does several things ranging from providing delivery fleets to updating businesses about real-time delivery tracking options.  
Restaurant owners always look to impress their customers by providing quality food. Customers, however, order food from those restaurants that provide the same at a budget they can afford. Restaurant owners can thus expand their business by ensuring low-cost food delivery services. They can ensure the same by collaborating with a third-party delivery service company […]
Third-party delivery services play an important role in enhancing delivery services. Nowadays customers are more interested in having a good delivery experience and conveniences than anything else. Therefore, there are lots of competitions among delivery service companies to ensure the same.
Transferring or delivering packages from one location to another is referred to as logistics. But it’s important to deliver products from one place to another efficiently.  Using advanced route optimisation software allows you to find the shortest route for preventing delivery products delays.
The electric vehicle market is emerging into a global hub for electric two-wheelers in India. In fact, the logistics industry, which relies on ICE, has already been disrupted by the electric vehicle revolution. Popular LCVs are getting electric versions from a lot of big new startups.  
Handover is one such delivery service provider that continues to meet expectations in terms of quality of service. It constantly monitors the activities involved in the overall supply chain management and makes alterations if needed to make businesses and their customers happy. We will talk about Handover’s role later. Let’s first be aware of what customer […]
Delivery services are in demand for every business these days. Business owners want to reach customers sitting at home. So, they use delivery services run by third-parties. Simply put, retailers selling different products are hoping to expand their business by using such services, or else they will get restricted to less customers and less business.  Know […]
Route optimisation comes with several benefits such as boosting delivery productivity, reducing delivery costs and enhancing customers’ experience. Therefore, as retailers, if you want to reduce delivery cost and increase sales, consider collaborating with Handover.  Know more:


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