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Table of Contents What is a Webcam? Advantages of Webcams Disadvantages of Webcams What is a Conferencing Room Camera? Advantages of Conferencing Room Cameras Disadvantages of Conferencing Room Cameras Main Differences Between Webcams and Conferencing Room Cameras Choosing the Right Camera for Your Needs Conclusion More Resources As the lines between remote work, live streaming, […]
Table of Contents Unified Communication Systems Video Conferencing Infrastructure Remote IT Support Digital Project Management Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools Scheduling and Calendar Sharing Data Management and Accessibility Conclusion Most companies have accepted hybrid work as part of their routine. It’s an irreversible trend or maybe no longer a trend but a truth now. However, a hybrid […]
Table of Contents What is a Conference Webcam? Determining Your Conference Room Needs Advanced Video Conferencing Features Compatibility & Simplicity Cost Consideration Exploring AV Access’s Solutions Conclusion More Resources In an age where hybrid workplaces are becoming increasingly common, equipping your conference room with the best webcam is critical to ensure seamless communication. A good […]
Table of Contents What Is AV over IP? Requirements for AV System in Sports Bars Signal Source and Display Equipment Audio System Control System Cost of System Deployment Reliability and Stability of System Operation Required Services Provided to Customers via the AV System   Benefits of Deploying AV over IP Systems What Makes a Good […]
Table of Contents Screen Sharing Solutions in a Meeting Room Top 3 Wireless Screen Sharing Solutions eShare Wireless Conferencing System Miracast/Airplay Wireless Display Dongle Adapter   Conclusions Screen Sharing Solutions in a Meeting Room   Easy screen sharing makes business communication more efficient. When you have business partners around or hold a meeting with your colleagues, […]
Table of Contents Introduction USB-C KVM Switch KVM Switch Basics USB-C Connectivity   Advantages of Using a USB-C KVM Switch Effortless Device Switching Organized Workspace Enhanced Productivity High Refresh Rate for Gaming Docking Station Features   Choosing the Right USB-C KVM Switch Conclusion Introduction   Many of us find ourselves working on multiple devices, switching […]
Table of Contents One-Click Wireless Conferencing Dual HDMI Input/Output & Multiview Display Mode About AV Access More Resources “AV Access eShare W80 presentation system can work perfectly with the Share D20 USB-C casting dongle for one-click wireless conferencing. It also supports wireless BYOD, dual HDMI Input/output, and multiview, elevating the hybrid meeting experience for users.” […]
Table of Contents In-Person Meeting Kit Hybrid Meeting Kit for Small & Medium Room 2x Hybrid Meeting Kits for Medium & Large Room About AV Access More Resources “With AV Access all-in-one wireless conferencing kits, users can turn every meeting into a success. They can share contents easily from their PC to a large screen […]
Table of Contents 4 Different Layouts, Flexible Viewing Experience Plug-n-Play & Budget-Friendly Solution About AV Access More Resources “AV Access 4KIP200M 4K HDMI over IP decoder can work with 4KIP200 series encoders to display up to 4 different sources on a single screen, with 4 different layout modes. It is ideal for wide applications like […]
Table of Contents The Challenge Technical Assessment The Solution Results Conclusion More Resources The Challenge   “Office Gaming LLC” is a new sports bar located in Missouri, the United States. The bar owner plans to install 4 DIRECTV satellite receiver boxes and 8 TVs for streaming sports games and TV programs. The dining area already […]
Table of Contents What Is Daisy Chain? What Is a Daisy Chain Speakerphone? Key Features of Daisy Chain Speakerphones Considerations Before Purchase Compatibility Coverage Needs Spatial Layout   Meet AV Access AnyCo A6 Conference Speakerphone Key Features of AnyCo A6 Conference Speakerphone AnyCo A6 Speakerphone Connection Guide   Conclusion More Resources In our hyper-connected world, […]
Table of Contents What is a Video Soundbar? Why Do You Need a Video Soundbar in Conference Rooms? Key Features of Video Bars Compact Design Advanced Audio Technology Seamless Integration with Video Platforms   Benefits of Using Video Soundbars in Conference Rooms Reduction of Background Noise Enhanced Voice Quality Compatibility with Existing Equipment User-Friendly Interfaces […]
  Table of Contents What Is a Video Bar? How Does a Video Bar Work? 12 Reasons Why You Need a Video Bar Easy Installation User-friendly Design High Compatibility Versatile for Various Room Sizes Enhanced Audio Quality Optimal Video Clarity Streamlined Visual Environment Efficient Space Utilization Cost-effective Solution Flexible positioning Specialized features Increased Efficiency   […]
Table of Contents Introduction What Is a Video Bar? What Is a Webcam?   Differences Between Video Bars and Webcams Device Shape and Design Installation and Setup Video and Audio Quality Suitable Scenarios and Scale Compatibility and Integration   Advantages of Video Bars Comprehensive Video Conferencing Solutions Superior Audio Quality Versatility and Convenience Professional Look […]
Table of Contents What Is a Multiview Processor? How Does a Multiview Processor Work? Benefits of Using a Multiview Processor Best HDMI Multiviewer for Sports Bar Summary More Resources In today’s sports bar scene, providing an immersive viewing experience for patrons is crucial. One effective way to captivate your customers is by displaying multiple video […]
Table of Contents Overview of USB Extender Development of USB Extender Origin of USB Technology Passive USB Extension Cables Recommended Passive USB Extension Cables   Active USB Extension Cables USB Extenders AV Access USB Extenders     Selecting USB Extenders Selection Based on USB Interface Types Selection Based on USB Transmission Distance Selection Based on […]
Application of USB-C Technology in the Commercial AV Market: Considerations and Solutions Table of Contents Introduction to USB-C Technology Introduction to USB-C Pin Introduction to PD Protocol   Considerations for USB-C in the Commercial AV Market Type-C Performance and Cable Length Negotiating Power Delivery Capability in the PD Protocol Type-C Cable Common Types of USB-C […]
Table of Contents Development of AI in Video Applications Development of AI In Voice Applications Future Development Trends of AI in Video Conferencing Nowadays, AI technology has made remarkable advancements in its utilization and growth within the realm of ITAV (UC), particularly in video conferencing and remote teaching. Furthermore, its potential for further expansion and […]
Table of Contents 8K Ultra HD Immersive Resolution High Refresh Rates, Wonderful Gaming Experience About AV Access More Resources “With AV Access 8KSW21-KVM 8K KVM switch, users can enjoy up to 10K@120hz immersive images and high refresh rates, like 4K@120hz and 1080P@240hz/165hz. It allows users to control 2x PCs with one set of monitor, keyboard […]
Table of Contents 8K Ultra HD Immersive Resolution High Refresh Rates, Wonderful Gaming Experience About AV Access More Resources “With AV Access 8KSW21-KVM 8K KVM switch, users can enjoy up to 10K@120hz immersive images and high refresh rates, like 4K@120hz and 1080P@240hz/165hz. It allows users to control 2x PCs with one set of monitor, keyboard […]
Table of Contents Plug-n-Play and Economical AV over IP Solution H.265 Codec & Low Latency “AV over IP solutions are becoming increasingly popular among end-users due to their flexibility and scalability. HDIP120 HDMI over IP extender supports one-to-one and one-to-many applications. One transmitter and up to 10 receivers can work with a gigabit switch to […]
Table of Contents All-in-One Design for Hybrid Meetings Built-in USB 3.0 Hub About AV Access More Resources “With the truly plug-n-play design, reliable quality and ultra-low cost, AV Access eShare W50 wireless presentation system is an ideal Clickshare alternative in small and medium-sized meeting rooms. Users can make a wonderful presentation in in-person meetings, or […]
Table of Contents 4K UHD with DisplayPort Interface Effortless KVM Extension with Zero Delay AV Access, a leading brand in the online market of Pro AV industry, enriches its KVM extender product range with one new model — the 4KEX100-DP-KVM extender. Designed with DisplayPort 1.2 interface, it allows KVM signal to be transmitted over long distances of […]
Table of Contents Flexible Applications: ARC Mode & S/PDIF In Mode Enjoy More Fun with Long Transmission Distance About AV Access “The last few years have witnessed the rapid development of home theater systems. With Ultra-HD TVs and new powerful audio codecs like Dolby Atmos becoming the new trend, people are more likely to enjoy […]


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