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A faulty immune reaction to a foreign substance could cause skin allergies, that can manifest as redness, itching swelling, or breakouts. Pure essential oils that are derived from plants are a safe method of combating skin allergies. These plant-based, distilled and concentrated aromatherapy solutions are used for medical purposes for centuries. Who would not want […]
Golden Nag White Sage and Golden Nag Palo Santo have been among the most sought-after cleansing incense for many years. Palo Santo, Holy Wood in Spanish is derived from a tree with the same name, which is indigenous to Peru, Ecuador, and other South American countries. The sacred wood is considered to be vital to cleanse the energy, White Sage also […]
Mansoon Weater is here, and it's important that we avoid getting sick with the ongoing load shedding. Essential oils are a great way to fight sickness during this season. Lavender, lemon oil, and peppermint are the best essential oils for this season. Lavender: Because of its sedative qualities, lavender oil is the best oil to calm […]
Aromatherapy refers to the use of aromatic substances to promote holistic well-being. It stimulates the sense of smell and calms the nervous system, according to research. Aromatherapy is a unique experience because of the wide variety of agarbatti scents. Agarbattis work quickly and efficiently to purify the atmosphere. Aromatherapy with Agarbatti: Benefits Agarbattis are not […]


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