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Landlords ensure your rental property's safety with commercial security camera systems. These sophisticated tools offer real-time surveillance, deterring potential threats. Moreover, keyless entry for rental property enhances accessibility while maintaining security. Landlords can protect their properties by investing in these systems, offering themselves and their tenants peace of mind. Secure your investment today for a […]
Your home is your sanctuary—a place of comfort, laughter, and cherished memories. But lurking behind those cozy walls are hidden dangers that can compromise your safety. Read this guide to get into the common pitfalls that homeowners often overlook and learn how to protect your home against intruders, accidents, and mishaps. 1. Poor Kitchen Safety […]
Our future is in our schools, and protecting them is paramount. Commercial security camera systems are becoming a crucial part of this protection. Just as video surveillance for businesses helps protect assets, similar school systems can safeguard our most precious resource – our children. This isn't about spying but providing a safe environment for learning. […]
This insightful blog post dissects two pressing concerns in home security- do burglars return to the same house and when do most break-ins happen? Surprisingly, evidence suggests that burglars often revisit houses they've previously burgled. Additionally, it uncovers that most burglaries occur between 10 am and 3 pm, challenging widespread assumptions. A crucial read for […]
The importance of Access Control Systems in Schools cannot be overstated. These systems and commercial camera surveillance systems provide a safer environment for students and staff. They allow schools to manage and monitor who has access to their premises, effectively sorting visitors and tracking activities digitally. This goes a long way in improving security, optimizing […]
Ever wondered, do burglars return to the same house? Unfortunately, it's not uncommon. After a “successful” burglary, intruders may target the same home again. The pattern reveals that a burglar may revisit if not caught initially, and sometimes, the compromised security can attract other culprits, too. Want to prevent this? Consider investing in robust home […]
Ever wondered what time most break-ins occur? Bookmark this essential read from Johns Brothers Security to find out. The blog provides eye-opening statistics about burglary timings and emphasizes the importance of home security system packages in deterring such incidents. It also highlights the effectiveness of commercial security camera systems in enhancing overall safety. For a […]
Smart security packages for business improves safety and convenience in our everyday lives. Smart cameras provide real-time monitoring of your home and alerts on your smartphone. The smart lock offers keyless entry rental property, allowing you to grant access remotely. Alarms and lights are activated when motion is detected, deterring intruders. For added control, virtual […]
Wireless home security systems offer numerous advantages for safeguarding your home. With Johns Brothers Security in Richmond, VA, these systems provide seamless protection. Enjoy hassle-free installation without drilling or wiring. Experience flexibility in device placement and easy expansion. Benefit from remote monitoring and control via smartphone apps. Enjoy uninterrupted protection even during power outages. Ensure […]
Over 1.2 million burglaries occur annually in the United States, with many burglars entering homes through unlocked doors and windows. Homeowners can prevent burglaries by securing their entry points. Key security solutions include using access control solutions or smart locks, installing home security cameras, avoiding keeping spare keys in obvious places, and utilizing a monitored […]
Enhanced Security: Night Vision Technology in Home Surveillance Cameras Discover the power of night vision technology in modern home security camera systems. With Johns Brothers Security, ensure round-the-clock protection for your home in Norfolk, VA, and Richmond, VA. Our advanced systems utilize cutting-edge night vision capabilities, allowing you to see clearly even in the darkest […]
It recommends using wireless smart video systems, smart security apps, and home automation systems to monitor and control their property remotely. These solutions allow homeowners to stay connected to what's happening in and around their homes, receive alerts, and deter potential burglars. By utilizing these technologies, homeowners can enjoy both safety and convenience and rest […]
Smart home security solutions, such as mobile apps, video doorbell cameras, thermostats, and wireless home video cameras, are popular and loved by homeowners for their convenience, comfort, and enhanced security. These features allow remote access and control over a smart home ecosystem, providing real-time monitoring, automatic notifications, and energy-efficient temperature control. Johns Brothers Security offers […]
Wireless technology has been a great benefit to those who live in hurricane-prone regions. Generally, wireless services provide less wiring and electronic equipment that can be damaged or destroyed during a serious storm. Depending on your security package, you can also change security systems, turn on/off your system remotely, and view real-time video of your […]
Choosing a home security system is one of the essential steps to protect your home from burglars and other threats. Currently, on the market, many security systems compete with one another, each claiming that they are the all-in-one solution for home security. In addition to the price difference between these services, they also vary in […]
Wireless home security systems are a popular and effective way to secure your home. With advancements in technology, these systems are becoming increasingly advanced and easy to use, offering peace of mind to homeowners. One of the main advantages of wireless home security systems is their ease of installation. Unlike traditional security systems, which require […]
HD security cameras make restaurant security easier Security cameras are a great choice for restaurants as they provide a deterrent to employees and customers, making them think twice before committing any fraud or theft. Restaurants are fast-paced, low-margin businesses in a cut-throat industry where few succeed. There are several different major styles of security camera […]
Looking to make the best security arrangements for your property? Using smart technology can meet your expectations. Johns Brothers Security gives property management security services for enterprise properties. Get the smart video technology in Richmond for vacation rental homes or a multi-family complex. Give your guests or residents the value-added amenities with us. This can make your […]


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