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Substance abuse medical billing can be difficult for addiction treatment providers due to rapidly changing industry laws, new payer rules and regulations, changing medical codes, and so on. Partner with 24/7 Medical Billing Services, a leading medical billing company that specializes in substance abuse billing! We provide result-oriented substance abuse medical billing services for a […]
Every human being has a fundamental right to healthcare, which is also everyone’s obligation. The state’s proactive role in preserving the health of its citizens becomes even more proactive when healthcare is seen as a right and a responsibility. This addresses the often-ignored individual’s obligation to care for his or her health. Rural health service systems may lack funding, […]
The intricacies of medical billing appear to have no end in today’s complex and difficult reimbursement situations. Regardless of the challenges, you must be ready to guarantee that collections are optimized and streamlined. While keeping the track of your financial performance, providing excellent patient care is critical to the success of your medical billing practice. […]
We cannot deny that the healthcare system is going through a crucial phase, whether medical changes or coping with the Coronavirus pandemic. The ongoing challenges medical practices have to risk and augmented with the Covid-19 outbreak have overburdened almost every healthcare system. Higher operating costs and assuring patients get appropriate medical treatments have constrained healthcare […]
Did you know? The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) reported that the healthcare practices could save $16.3 billion or 42% of the $39 billion on administrative transactions with proper revenue cycle management. If you observe that other healthcare providers are performing better than you while providing the same healthcare services, then something is definitely wrong in terms […]
A study led by medical advising specialists unveiled four types of medical practices that can benefit from outsourcing medical billing services for Otolaryngology Practice the most. These improved efficiencies and effectiveness within their office settings increased revenues and reduced risks compared with denied and rejected claims. The four types of medical practices revealed in the […]
Contrary to common belief, Otolaryngology Practices is more than just an everyday, casual practice. It is a lot more than simple ENT procedures, i.e. ‘ear, nose and throat’ practices. An independent otolaryngology practitioner would have to consider several things in the current fast-paced world. Most independent Otolaryngology practices and hospitals are trying to streamline the […]
The primary reason for a lot of businesses turning towards outsourcing is saving time and money and getting things streamlined; therefore, the focus on improving the business stands first. Your eye-care practice is even like any other business. To overcome your overhead costs and inefficient optometry billing, outsourcing it to a best third-party service provider […]
Healthcare organizations, practices, or groups will never have a permanent patient base. An organization has to work hard and remain continuously updated in order to retain their patients and also attract newer ones. As a matter of fact, the organization’s services and how they are offered are crucial to retaining the patients. Whenever Internal Marketing […]
A branch of medicine that mainly deals with the Musculoskeletal system’s conditions like bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, besides muscles, is known as Orthopedic surgery or Orthopedics. These systems are pretty essential for regular movement in everyday life. The orthopedic billing mainly depends on proper documentation before, during, and after the patient’s visit. A claim is […]
Medical billing is a complicated process as it is, in which medical billing for mental health services is more complicated than ever and comes with a bunch of unique challenges. Several services are covered under mental health such as pre-authorization, unbundling concerns, and the size and availability of office staff, mental and behavioural health billing […]
Almost every medical practice starts the day with the intention of managing schedules efficiently. But many end up taking in extra patients into their already busy schedules, resulting in inefficiency, bottlenecks and frustration among patients. Therefore, resolving scheduling issue becomes necessary for practices if efficiency needs to be improved.  Balancing clinical obligations and taking care […]
Mental health coding and billing complexities have become a challenge for many providers across the US. At 24/7 MBS, we understand these challenges and with the help of our industry knowledge and experience, we strive to help our clients improve their RCM. Recently, 24/7 MBS signed new contracts with several mental health practices in Georgia, […]


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