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Aquamarine is a pale blue gemstone that belongs to the beryl family. Beautiful stones like morganite and emerald are also members of the aquamarine family. Beautiful aquamarine stone has been a long-time favourite gemstone. The deep blue water is frequently linked to the gemstone aquamarine. The gemstone aquamarine represents happiness and vitality. It is strongly […]
The latin word garantus is where the word garnet got its roots. The latin term for garnet means “seedlike,” alluding to the dark-red pomegranate. The entrancing garnet is sometimes associated with the deeply appealing pomegranate seeds. The history of garnet is lengthy and well-known. Wearing a lovely Garnet Ring , Garnet Pendant, Garnet Earrings, Garnet […]
Moldavite is a rare stone with a variety of uses and qualities. Moldavite has an extremely high frequency, which when combined with its cosmic collisions, earthly vibrations, and extraterrestrial energy, makes it a potent stone for spiritual use. There are several metaphysical advantages to wearing a Moldavite Ring or Moldavite Pendant. You can experience an […]


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