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MBA Finance Management means planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the financial activities such as procurement and utilization of funds of an enterprise. It means applying general management principles to the financial resources of an enterprise. This course helps in profit maximization, wealth maximization of every organization. The one with a degree in finance management will help […]
B.Tech in Biochemical engineering is majorly an interdisciplinary course combining biotechnology and chemical engineering to make high end finished products. Biochemical engineering studies the concepts of biotechnology and chemicals to merge them in order to convert the raw materials into finished products. It basically deals with the end to end products with the different meticulous process […]
Bachelor of Technology / B.Tech Biomedical Engineering is an important course in the engineering domain which deals with the study, principles and application of medicine and biology in daily life. The very same Biomedical engineering studies the various principles, methodology, concepts and formulas that will be used in the medical and biological arena. Bio-medical engineering combines […]
Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology / B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering is a very competent course in the engineering field. B.Tech Biotech is a very familiar course which has emerged in the field of science and technology. Biotechnology in engineering is a 4- year undergraduate program divided into 8 semesters which is amalgamating both life sciences, biological advancements in technology […]
B.Tech in Chemical Engineering is a very vast field in the engineering spectrum. Chemical engineering is usually chosen by students those who have an inclination towards chemistry and chemical components. B.Tech Chemical Engineering is a 4 year under graduate course that deals with the principles and laws governing physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and economics, their mechanisms, their […]
Bachelor of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering / B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering is a professional course in the engineering streamlet which deals with the principles of an aircraft, spacecraft, its modules, variants, their technicalities and their flying abilities. Aeronautical Engineering teaches the design and development of an aircraft/ spacecraft. It studies about the physical properties behind a space […]
B.Tech Production Engineering is a very peculiar and rare branch of engineering science that deals with the scientific principles and different methodologies to improvise the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing and production sectors. Production engineering is a 4-year under graduate degree course which is further divided into 8 semesters in which different combinations of technologies related […]
B.Tech Infrastructure Engineering / bachelor of technology in infrastructure engineering is a very important domain of civil engineering and structural engineering. The course is a very rarely chosen course by many students. The program which deals in construction is an important core competency of construction engineering. Infrastructure engineering is a 4-year undergraduate course which deals with […]


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