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  Originally published by SpendEdge: 7-Step Strategic Sourcing Process: Improve your sourcing process   Introduction:   Strategic sourcing lies at the heart of efficient procurement practices, encompassing a holistic approach to managing suppliers, costs, risks, and quality. By leveraging data-driven insights and fostering collaboration, organizations can enhance their procurement processes, mitigate risks, and build resilient supply […]
  Originally published by Quantzig: How We Transformed Stock Out Prevention and Inventory Redistribution for a Thriving CPG Client   In the fast-paced world of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), effective inventory control is pivotal for success. Striking the right balance between stock levels is not just about operational efficiency—it's a strategic necessity that directly impacts consumer trust, […]
  Originally published by SpendEdge: Top 5 Epoxy Resin Suppliers Making a Name for Themselves: Supply Market Research and Procurement Insights   Mapping the Epoxy Resin Supply Landscape   In recent years, the demand for epoxy resin has surged, primarily driven by the paints, coatings, and electronics sectors. Renowned for its exceptional properties like high mechanical […]
Originally published by SpendEdge: Should Costing: The Present and Future of Should Cost Analysis   In today's dynamic business landscape, the traditional approach to cost analysis is evolving rapidly. Should cost analysis, a powerful methodology born out of the U.S. Department of Defense's quest for efficiency, is reshaping how organizations perceive and manage their procurement processes. […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Tech’s Role in Shaping Customer Analytics Trends and Insights   In the era of data-driven decision-making, technology is reshaping the landscape of customer analytics. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data processing, and predictive models are not just tools; they are driving forces defining the future of client insights. This article delves […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide for Success   In the dynamic world of pharmaceuticals, pricing strategy is not just about setting numbers; it's about navigating a complex landscape of regulations, market trends, and patient needs. Crafting a successful pricing strategy requires deep insights and innovative approaches to balance profitability with […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Retail Sentiment Analysis: Understanding Consumer Trends for Business Success Introduction: In today’s rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape, the pursuit of cost savings and operational efficiency has become paramount for businesses seeking a competitive edge. With the ever-increasing complexity of the telecom landscape, companies are seeking ways to streamline their processes and reduce expenses […]
  Originally published by Quantzig: Credit Risk Modelling Helps Telecom Client Realize 50% Reduction in Bad Debts   Telecom Analytics Business Challenge: A prominent telecom operator faced the challenge of predicting payment behavior among its customers, aiming to optimize collection efforts and mitigate defaults. The absence of a robust solution for classifying customers based on their payment […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Food Service Client Leverages Quantzig’s Churn Analysis Solution to Achieve 12% Churn Reduction In this case study, discover how a multinational foodservice client partnered with Quantzig to implement a robust churn analysis solution, resulting in a 12% reduction in churn rates.   Key Highlights:   Overview of Food Churn Analysis: In today's fiercely […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Unleashing the Power of Telecom Analytics: Insights and Strategies   In today’s dynamic telecommunications landscape, optimizing efficiency and performance is essential for businesses striving to stay ahead in the competitive market. With the increasing complexity of telecom networks, companies are turning to advanced analytics to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance service […]
  Originally published by Quantzig: Cannibalization Analysis: Understanding and Avoiding Keyword Cannibalization   In the dynamic landscape of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, understanding the nuances of market cannibalization has become paramount for businesses aiming to maintain and expand their market share. Market cannibalization, characterized by the competition between products within the same brand […]
Originally published by SpendEdge: Changing the Landscape of the European Fleet Management Market with Next-Generation Procurement Practices   The European fleet management market has been experiencing significant growth, thanks to advancements in vehicle technology leading to improved fuel efficiency, environmental sustainability, and extended vehicle lifespan. These developments are driving down the Total Cost of Ownership […]
  Originally published: 4 Ts of a Risk Management Strategy | SpendEdge   Description: Explore the foundational principles of risk management and learn how to build a robust risk management strategy with SpendEdge's expert insights. Discover the 4Ts framework for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks to safeguard your business operations.   Understanding Risk Management and […]
Originally published: Role of Insurance Procurement: Overview   Content:   Insurance procurement presents distinct challenges and opportunities unlike those in other industries. In this overview, we delve into the intricacies of insurance procurement, highlighting key considerations, best practices, and strategies to navigate this complex landscape effectively.   Understanding the Nature of Insurance Procurement:   Insurance procurement […]
Originally published: Navigating Current Procurement Trends for Implementation – Insights by SpendEdge   Description: Explore the latest procurement trends and strategies shaping today's business landscape. Gain valuable insights from SpendEdge experts on digital transformation, supplier partnerships, risk management, automation, and data utilization in procurement.   Content:   Procurement in today's business landscape is a multifaceted process influenced […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Healthcare Sector Churn Analytics: How Quantzig Helped a Renowned Client Efficiently Forecast Attrition Levels of the Customers   Discover how Quantzig assisted a leading retail healthcare provider in efficiently forecasting and mitigating customer churn.   Overview: – Client: Retail healthcare provider – Engagement Area: Churn analytics   Industry Insights: The global […]
  Originally published by Quantzig: CPG Insights: Navigating D2C Analytics Profitability with Data Analytics   In today's fast-paced consumer packaged goods (CPG) landscape, direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels are no longer just a trend but a strategic necessity. Leveraging data analytics to navigate this terrain is crucial for CPG companies aiming to meet evolving consumer needs and […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Using Patient Journey Mapping for Cardiovascular Drugs Segment Insights & Growth   In a landscape where personalized medicine reigns supreme, understanding the intricate pathways patients tread while seeking cardiovascular treatment is paramount. By employing patient journey mapping techniques, this article aims to unearth critical touchpoints, challenges, and opportunities across the cardiovascular care continuum. […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Detection and Analysis of Factors Impacting Product Cannibalization   In today's rapidly evolving business environment, grasping the intricacies of product cannibalization is paramount for maintaining competitiveness and fostering growth. With consumer preferences in constant flux and product portfolios expanding, businesses must navigate the delicate balance between innovation and sales optimization.   In […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Customer Segmentation Helps a Personal Care Brand Improve its Market Position In the realm of personal care, understanding customer preferences is paramount for effective market outreach. By employing robust customer segmentation solutions, organizations can tailor their strategies to target niche segments and enhance their market position. Through this approach, marketers can identify distinct […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Social Analysis Helps Leading Telecom Company Discover Customer Behavior Patterns In today’s fiercely competitive telecom industry, understanding customer behavior patterns is paramount for success. With the proliferation of social media platforms and digital interactions, leading telecom companies are leveraging social analysis techniques to gain valuable insights into customer preferences, sentiments, and engagement levels. […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Decoding D2C: Strategies for Success in CPG Brands   In today's rapidly evolving consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, where digital transformation is reshaping traditional business models, successful navigation demands a data-driven approach to product innovation and lifecycle management. With digital-native startups and smaller competitors posing a significant threat, established players must embrace […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Real-time Customer Feedback and Big Data Analytics Improves Customer Satisfaction for a Logistics Company In this Case Study:   Challenges in Big Data Logistics: A leading logistics company faced the challenge of outdated customer feedback processes, prompting the need for real-time feedback mechanisms to measure customer satisfaction accurately.   Quantzig's Big Data […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Supply Chain Analytics Helped a Distilled Spirits Manufacturing Major to Improve Their Demand Forecasting Efficiency Key Points:   About the Client: – Distilled spirits manufacturer with $1.5 billion revenue. – Engaged in supply chain analytics for improved efficiency.   Industry Overview: – Distilled spirits market driven by global demographics and changing […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Enhancing cash distribution with forecasts and levels for a retail bank   Introduction: In an era of heightened competition and evolving customer expectations, retail banks face the dual challenge of enhancing service delivery while minimizing costs. This case study delves into how Quantzig partnered with a major Australian bank to optimize cash distribution […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Marketing Mix Modeling: How Quantzig Helped a Prominent Client in the CPG Industry Optimize their Marketing Spend   Introduction: In an era defined by shifting consumer behaviors and technological advancements, organizations in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry are facing unprecedented challenges. To navigate this dynamic landscape successfully, businesses must embrace […]
Originally published by Quantzig: A Supply Chain Dashboard Analyzing Regional Demand | CPG Case Study   Introduction: In this case study, we delve into the challenges faced by a prominent consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer and supplier based in Germany. Through a partnership with Quantzig, the client aimed to revamp their supply chain management strategy to overcome […]
Originally published by Quantzig: CPG Insights: Navigating D2C Analytics Profitability with Data Analytics Introduction: Welcome to the era where consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are navigating the digital wave and embracing direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels with data analytics as their compass. This case study sheds light on the transformative power of D2C analytics, illuminating the path […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Leveraging Patient Journey Mapping for a Leading Primary Health Care Services Provider Introduction: In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, patient experience has become a focal point for primary healthcare service providers seeking to deliver personalized and holistic care. This case study delves into how Quantzig's patient journey mapping solution empowered a […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Sentiment Analysis: Understanding Insurance Customer Perceptions Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of the insurance industry, understanding customer sentiments has emerged as a critical factor for business success. Sentiment Analysis, powered by advanced analytics, offers insurance companies invaluable insights into customer perceptions, preferences, and behaviors. This case study explores how Quantzig's Sentiment […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Oil and Gas Company Achieves Huge Savings Through Route Optimization Analytics Introduction: In the dynamic realm of oil and gas logistics, optimizing transportation routes is essential for reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiency. Route Optimization Analytics offers a strategic approach to identify opportunities and streamline route planning, ultimately driving significant savings […]
Originally published by Quantzig: How Market Basket Analysis Empowered a Food Retailer to Increase Quarterly Sales by 50% – A Quantzig Success Story Introduction: In the dynamic realm of retail, understanding customer purchasing patterns is vital for optimizing sales strategies. Market Basket Analysis (MBA) stands as a cornerstone in data mining techniques, uncovering associations between […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Quantzig’s Channel Optimization Strategy Helped a Financial Service Provider Cater to the Demands of Customers More Efficiently Financial Services Industry Overview: Over the past five years, the financial services industry has witnessed strong profits and continued macroeconomic growth. Despite challenges like meeting rising customer demands and the need for cost reduction […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Sales Forecasting for a Leading Client in the Banking Sector Helps Forecast their Profit Margins Key Highlights:   – Understanding Growth Dynamics in Banking – Navigating Challenges in Sales Forecasting – Unlocking Benefits with Predictive Insights   Navigating Growth Challenges in the Banking Sector   In the dynamic landscape of the […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Pricing Analytics in F&B Increased Major’s Revenue with Portfolio Pricing   In today's dynamic food and beverage (F&B) landscape, implementing an effective pricing strategy is essential for maximizing revenue and staying competitive. Quantzig’s pricing analytics solution offers game-changing insights tailored to the unique challenges of the F&B industry, helping companies optimize […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Supply Chain Analytics for a Power and Energy Market Client – A Quantzig Case Study   In the ever-evolving realm of the power and energy market, optimizing supply chain analytics is essential for navigating the complex web of factors shaping business operations. As the industry undergoes significant transitions amidst regulatory changes and competitive pressures, harnessing […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Sentiment Analysis: Understanding Insurance Customer Perceptions   Introduction: Understanding customer sentiments is paramount in the insurance industry, especially amidst economic fluctuations and regulatory changes. Insurance companies are increasingly turning to sentiment analysis to enhance customer experiences, manage brand reputation, and drive strategic decision-making. By analyzing customer feedback across various channels, insurers […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Pricing Analytics Helps a Renowned Carbonated Drinks Producer to Improve Pricing Efficiency by 20% Introduction: In the ever-evolving business landscape, mastering pricing analytics and strategy is crucial for sustained success. Effective pricing not only boosts revenue but also enhances customer satisfaction and market competitiveness. Leveraging advanced pricing tools and analytics, businesses […]
Originally published by Quantzig: F&B Sales Forecasting Increased Margins for Food and Beverage Client Introduction: In the competitive landscape of the food and beverage industry, culinary excellence alone is not enough to stay ahead. This case study showcases how a leading Food and Beverage (F&B) client leveraged sales forecasting to elevate operational efficiency and boost […]
Originally published by Quantzig: Marketing Mix Modeling Helps an Electronics Retailer Reduce Marketing Spends Introduction: In the fiercely competitive retail landscape, effective marketing strategies are paramount for success. This case study delves into how Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) revolutionized the approach of an electronics retailer, optimizing marketing spends and achieving remarkable results in a dynamic […]


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