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  The pandemic brought technological, logistical, and economic challenges for companies globally, leaving them scrambling to adapt. Amidst the chaos, organizations turned to video conferencing platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to stay connected. New-gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) supplemented human efforts to take on everything from […]
The pandemic resulted in the huge demand for ebooks with more and more people preferring digital content compared to paper-based content. Ebooks are an engaging and convenient means for people to meet their reading needs. By providing interactive images, graphics, and multimedia, ebooks make reading more enjoyable for people. You can read anywhere, anytime from […]
Consider this: When you visit a store, the salesperson greets you by your name, remembers your past purchases, and recommends new offerings based on your preferences as you browse. You also receive notifications about discounts and the availability of items you’ve been eyeing online. This all is personalized marketing in action. We live in a […]
Big data has penetrated almost every industry and is gradually becoming one of the driving forces behind organizational success. Government institutions, HCP (Health care Providers), academic institutions, and businesses are all leveraging the power of Big Data to expand paradigms and improve customer experience. Given the volume, velocity, and variety of information, ‘Big Data’ becomes […]
Data processing services are essential for transforming raw data into meaningful and actionable insights. Data processing and analysis help businesses make informed decisions based on trends and evidence instead of guesswork. It enables organizations to identify patterns, correlations, and trends that can guide strategic planning, resource allocation, and performance optimization.  Advantages of Outsourcing Data Processing Services  […]
A systematic process of collecting observations or measurements, data collection plays a key role in improving customer experience and promoting better decision-making. Data can be collected through multiple sources such as feedback, surveys, online tracking, social media monitoring, etc. Data collection services help businesses in optimizing their quality of work, predict trends, save time, generate important […]
High-quality data is important and this fact is documented by businesses, regardless of their size or scope throughout the different industry verticals. And, the Covid-19 pandemic only accentuated this better. Hence, achieving high DQ is a top business priority for data-driven organizations. After all, high DQ ensures accurate outcomes of quantitative research, trusted reporting and […]
Poor quality data cannot be used for analysis or decision-making, as it won’t yield any authentic or reliable results. Instead, it leads to process inefficiencies, hampered productivity, impeded sales and marketing efforts, missing opportunities, and financial losses. Therefore, database cleanup services become necessary for organizations, whether B2B or B2C. Data cleansing, also known as data cleaning or […]
We live in a data-driven and information-rich world, thanks to the IoT and wearable technologies that have converted people into data-generating machines. While the immense volume of readily accessible knowledge provides comfort, its sheer size creates challenges for businesses to unlock their full potential. It takes longer to find the useful information needed when the […]
In the present times, e-learning has become the most widely used method of disseminating information and knowledge. By offering a cost-efficient and flexible alternative to classroom-based learning, you ensure that more and more learners living in different parts of the world are able to receive access to education. Nevertheless, if you are creating e-learning content […]
In the present times, e-learning has become the most widely used method of disseminating information and knowledge. By offering a cost-efficient and flexible alternative to classroom-based learning, you ensure that more and more learners living in different parts of the world are able to receive access to education. Nevertheless, if you are creating e-learning content […]
Gone are the days when accessibility compliance meant braille writing, ramp/handrails built outside various complexes, or sign language during government announcements. The dawn of digitalization demands your websites and documents to be equally accessible.  The rise of internet usage worldwide accentuated the fact that the disabled population must be given equal access in the digital […]
From the period 2010 to 2020, the amount of data created, copied, captured, and consumed globally has increased from 1.2 trillion gigabytes to a whopping 59 trillion gigabytes. This is almost equivalent to 5000% growth in a decade! (Source: Forbes) Many researchers have illustrated that a majority of companies leverage only a small portion of […]
Data forms the lifeblood of organizations regardless of the industry or verticals they deal with—a significant chunk of business decisions, processes, and actions are data-driven. And, as companies make further inroads into the upcoming age of smart automation and artificial intelligence, the way data is captured, extracted, and processed will undergo a drastic transformation. So, […]
Data plays a crucial role in every organization as it fuels many decisions, processes, and activities. Businesses across different industries produce, collect, and merge huge volumes of data to know their customers better and learn about changing market demographics, and other factors impacting their growth. However, the data collected is raw in nature and doesn’t […]
Better business decisions happen when the data, business, and people bring their unique competencies to the art and science of effective decision-making. However, the ability to ‘think in data’ is a task for many organizations—because of inadequate infrastructure, shortage of skills, monetary issues, and so on. A Statista report dated July 2022 states that “the […]
Have you ever wondered what is the driving force behind driverless cars, biometric identification, visual search engines and so on? It is the new-gen concepts like Image Recognition and Computer Vision that help in fueling these tech marvels. This article takes you through some of the amazing applications of Computer Vision powered by image recognition—that […]
eBooks have gradually taken over paper-based books driven by factors like ongoing technological advancements, rapid adoption of smartphones, development of sophisticated reading devices, etc. The demand for eBooks is swelling further, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic when authors couldn’t make their books available to the readers. Further pushed by digital transformation, eBooks have added a […]
The data-driven world offers immense opportunities for businesses of all sizes to improve their bottom line, learn more about their customers, and remodel sales and marketing efforts. Many processes, actions, and decisions have to be fed with data-based insights to keep the company on the right track and ensure growth. A successful business strategy includes […]
Automated workflow’ has become a hot topic in the business world and sounds more like a buzzword, but it holds significant value for the companies dealing with tons of paper. Looking for important information gets challenging and is time-consuming. This article, hence, highlights how automated data collection optimizes operational workflows and enhances bottom-line efficiency for growth-focused players. […]
Salesforce hosts numerous tools in its ecosystem which have become increasingly popular among businesses over the years. From Marketing Cloud to IoT Cloud, there are multiple solutions that you can implement and customize as per your business needs and goals. You can create app layouts, customize workflow, automate process activities, add integrations, and more with […]
The ambiguous environment created by the COVID19 pandemic demands leaders to make informed decisions. They are embracing data-driven culture for operational efficiency and a competitive advantage where the key lies in transforming data into actionable insights. So, to propel innovation in business, many firms consider offshoring data management services as a sustainable option. Growth-focused organizations […]
Are you able to implement an omnichannel marketing strategy with existing CRM? If yes, then keep enhancing its capabilities for the good. However, as per our decade-long experience in ERP/CRM implementation, not many CRM’s have all the crucial features to accomplish that. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an exception to most modern-day solutions and is a […]
With tech-integrated personalized and adaptive solutions becoming the norm across businesses, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Salesforce is one such platform that is constantly evolving — simplifying business practices and shortening work cycles. To keep up with system innovations, data architecture, workflows, and changing business needs, firms need experienced Salesforce architects and […]


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