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Prominent ears can be a source of self-consciousness and social challenges for both children and adults. This condition is often inherited, causing individuals to endure teasing and mockery. Fortunately, there is a solution through otoplasty, a surgical procedure that can reshape and reposition the ears, enhancing facial harmony and boosting self-esteem. This blog will explore […]
Congenital ear deformities, also known as ear malformations, are conditions that impact the proper growth of a baby's ears during fetal development. While the exact causes of these deformities can vary, factors such as inadequate blood supply, genetic modifications, medication intake, and even accidents or trauma can contribute to their occurrence. These deformities can result […]
Congenital ear deformities, also known as ear malformations, are a group of conditions that affect the development of a baby's ears while still in the womb. These deformities can lead to various challenges, such as hearing impairment, ear infections, and cosmetic concerns. Although the exact causes of congenital ear deformities remain unclear, factors like insufficient […]
Prominent ears, commonly referred to as “bat ears” or “jug ears,” can affect an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. While some individuals embrace their unique features, others may feel self-conscious or desire a more balanced facial appearance.  The top ear surgeon Dr. Parag Telang of the Microtia Trust explains that prominent ear correction, also known as […]
Ear abnormalities are persistent in infants, prompting concern among parents who want their child's ears to look and function normally. Medical advances, thankfully, have given safe and efficient procedures for treating congenital malformations.  Dr. Parag Telang of the Microtia Trust, who provides the best treatments for ear reconstruction, explains ear deformities in Newborns. The ear […]
Ear reconstruction, or otoplasty surgery, is a cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedure used to alter the size, shape, or placement of the ears. It can treat ear injuries, defects, and congenital abnormalities. The most frequent causes of ear reconstruction surgery include the following: Earlobe repair: Earlobes become stretched or torn due to trauma, heavy earrings, […]
The ears help with hearing and contribute significantly to one’s facial appearance. Some visible ear problems affecting hearing include outer ear deformities and abnormalities. Microtia, or “little ear,” describes observable abnormalities or deformities of the external ear. It is mostly termed as a genetic condition where the ears do not develop normally, leaving them small, […]


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