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  1. Entertainment
With a vast range of available streaming options like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix, two of them are most popular. Hulu and Netflix are the most popular streaming services across the world. Despite being a popular platform, they differ in the content library. Hulu offers a collection of ongoing TV shows, and Netflix offers […]
  1. Entertainment
Cruella was indeed a long-awaited live-action movie that finally arrived on 22 May 2021. It was a prequel to the 101 Dalmatians story and was a hit on both Disney+ premier and theatres. However, Cruella is just the beginning, as Disney has an entire list of similar movies in the production process. To be precise, […]
  1. Entertainment
With so many streaming services option out there, it can be overwhelming to choose between them. Amazon Prime Video streams the best TV shows in every genre. Every genre indicates here from horror, romance, thriller, period drama, science fiction to fantasy, and more. With so many downright excellent choices out there, it is almost impossible […]
  1. Entertainment
YouTube TV has provided the easiest way to ditch your cable network. YouTube TV subscription covers pretty much everything from news, sports, live TV, and record favorite TV shows. You can even browse via an impressive archive of past programming. However, YouTube TV is not a cheap option for cable, as it costs approx $50 […]
  1. Science / Technology
Depraved apps are creating security problems in our handsets and putting our data at risk. According to researchers, they have discovered cloud misconfiguration in Android apps that are responsible to disclose the personal information of over 100 million users. On Thursday, a report was published by the cybersecurity firm, Check Point Research, which revealed that no […]
  1. Science / Technology
In the upcoming months, the first-gen Nest Hub is expected to be upgraded with Fuchsia Os. Google has started rolling out its long-awaited Fuchsia OS to the first generation Nest Hub. Google first introduced its work on Google Fuchsia in the year 2016, and the Fuchsia Os operating system is worth noticing that it uses […]
  1. Science / Technology
With Samsung releasing foldable phones, Apple fans are expecting an iPhone with the same feature as well. As the release date of the iPhone 13 getting closer, people are expecting that Apple will start processing the foldable phones, but the real question is, will Apple consider this or will remain on its staple. Foldable phones […]
  1. Photography
While the likes of Elon Musk and NASA are busy building plans for Mars and further space exploration, incredible work is being done at the quantum level by scientists. A microscope created with a sublime design has created a world record as it has captured atoms with an incredible resolution. It was in the year […]
  1. Gaming
Where to find PS5 with ongoing busy schedules of restocking? Follow the guide to gain information that you need to know. Well, something exciting arrived this week for gamers. According to the rumors, Target is planning a restock of PS5, which is expected to be huge in numbers. Not only Target, but Walmart is also […]
  1. Science / Technology
Gisela Detrell, an Aerospace engineer at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, designed the structure of Martian city and also disclosed how residents could survive with the resources available on Mars.  We have accomplished from stepping on the moon to establishing the Martian city. Not today, but Elon Musk has declared that the city will […]

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