iProVPN Review 2022 – With online scams almost growing exponentially, privacy tools are enjoying demand not only in the corporate market, but on the individual consumer side as well.

With the wider population seeking awareness on issues like digital divide and net neutrality, VPN is a tool that’s worth investment, but there are certain factors one needs to check when committing to a particular brand.

One such brand is iProVPN, a consumer-side VPN company on a mission to create a safer and private internet experience for users regardless of their locations.

Their VPN product is loaded with outstanding features, but more on that later.

On paper, the product looks quite solid. From security, speed, P2P compatibility, and accessibility, to data availability, this VPN product claims to have everything only the best VPNs can afford to provide.

This review discusses the major attributes and features of iProVPN as a tech tool for internet users who prioritize their privacy and security in this contemporary digital era. 

iProVPN Review


The company is registered and operating from The British Virgin Islands, one of the popular ‘safe jurisdictions’ for tech companies.

Why does it matter?

Companies registered in this region are not required to log user activity by law.

The local government or intelligence agencies do not demand patterns of online behavior for surveillance purposes.

Users can rest assured that their timestamps, visited websites, or any other activity they perform under this VPN shield will not be shared with any third-party organizations.

The same information is available in iProVPN’s privacy policy. 

Data Collection

According to the website, the digital experts serving the iProVPN are advocates of online freedom and digital privacy.

To weigh their promise against their product, we conducted a critical examination of their data collection and handling clauses. According to the policy:

The only data that iProVPN collects includes Email IDs and Payment details.

Here is a breakdown of what this data is, why the company needs this data and what it does to the information:

  • Email IDs: these are collected at the time when users sign-up for an account. The company maintains a database of these email addresses; these serve as the user profiles. The company uses these email IDs to communicate new product offers, discounts and to proceed with password recovery requests. These email addresses are not processed, or sold to any advertising, government or third-party agencies.
  • Payment Details: these include the credit card number, the name mentioned on the credit card and the country of registration. Such information comes in handy for calculating applicable taxes (like VAT) and are protected electronically. Not even the in-house employees have access to such information.

With iProVPN, users can rest assured that their data (in fact limited data) is safe and would not be misused.

Also, the company does not have ad-programs and so it does not contribute to digital fingerprinting and does not maintain advertising profiles. 

iProVPN Review

*This is a snap from their pricing page, where users are only required to provide limited information to sign up for the VPN service.


As of now, iProVPN has got 150 servers spread across 20 countries.

For torrenteers and binge-watchers who have specific server requirements during rush hours, iPro has got multiple servers for locations like USA, UK, Canada, Australia. Developers are though, adding to the list of servers quite quickly.

*Know that the numerical figures we have provided in the review are independently fact-checked and as accurate as they can be.

Features Of iProVPN

iProVPN users get access to all of these advanced features:

  1. Encryption Standard: 256-bit AES Technology
  2. Smart Connection
  3. Ad Blocker
  4. Split Tunnel
  5. Malware Protection
  6. Internet Kill Switch

Top-Tier Encryption

We've already talked about how serious iProVPN is for the security of their users' data.

But what makes us so sure about it? Well. Here's the thing.

The encryption system that is deployed here is military-grade 256-bit AES technology.

For non-tech users, it is one of the most robust security standards implemented by any VPN service out in the market. With such protocols, no intruders or even internet service providers cannot breach your data once the VPN is active.

Smart Connection

There's something in iProVPN for power users.

For those who love playing online games and exchange large torrenting files require a solid and reliable connection: high speed, zero latency and do not generally have a location preference, the smart connection is a godsend.

The switch automatically connects users to the fastest and nearest server.

Ad Blocker

Annoying pop-ups and irrelevant ads are no more a problem for users who concern security and want protection from adware.

iProVPN has a built-in ad blocker that you can use to block third-party advertisements from your browser to enjoy your surfing without any interference.

Split Tunneling

Now split tunneling is a feature that you typically don't see in any free VPN available. With this feature, users have total command over the traffic they want to pass through a private tunnel where no unauthorized user could access or take over sessions.

Moreover, a user can easily access native as well as popular international content on the go, simultaneously while choosing which traffic they would like to route through the private tunnel.

Malware Protection

When using a VPN, security is definitely a concern for many. iProVPN, with its built-in malware scanner, provides top-level security that blocks you from accessing any malicious URL or domain.

The main server of iProVPN has a huge list of known malicious domains and URLs.

When users attempt to access a website, the server matches the query against the list and does not land to the result in case it contains malware. 

Internet Kill Switch

Another great feature of iProVPN is the internet kill switch.

This feature's basic function is to terminate the internet connection as soon as your connection with VPN is conflicted.

This provides strong protection against IP and DNS leaks.

Advantages of iProVPN

  • No. of Devices

A user can configure VPN details on upto 10 devices simultaneously. That means, you pay for one and use your VPN on 10 different devices at the same time. This is higher than the industry average of 6 devices.

  • Dedicated Apps

Whether you're an android user, an iOS user, or a binge-watcher who loves big screens, there is a dedicated app for each platform.

What's even better is that you trigger the VPN switch with only one click in Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Just for reference, there are more than 20 apps dedicated to all major platforms.

Infact, users can configure their VPN credentials on their Wi-Fi routers to protect overall traffic their family devices exchange on network-level.

iProVPN Review
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

For users who want a VPN service to fulfil the speed requirements while torrenting, streaming and online gaming, iProVPN comes with unlimited bandwidth for a seamless internet experience: no speed caps, no data limits.

  • Access to Streaming Services

iProVPN users can access content from major streaming services including Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix USA, Disney+, Amazon Prime, ESPN, and BBC iplayer. 

How is iProVPN better than other VPN services?

  • It has got reasonable pricing plans. Its biennial plans are totally worth it and for users who would like to test the services before making a financial commitment can check their free trial.
  • iProVPN has a 30-days money-back guarantee, during which users can get a full refund in case they are not satisfied.
  • One account allows 10 simultaneous connections for people who use multiple personal and work devices.
  • The brand is making dedicated efforts to educate users about their digital rights, importance of internet freedom, the current digital divide and net neutrality campaigns, security standards of platforms like Gmail, online scams and internet safety for kids and parents. 
  • The technical assistance team at iProVPN is available round the clock. Any hour of day or night, users can choose to contact the digital support specialists either via email or live chat option available on the website.

iProVPN VS Free VPN Services

Findings of our critical examination suggest that iProVPN is way better than popular free VPN services taking the internet by the storm these days, mainly because of the difference in their revenue models.

While iProVPN has put a price tag on online privacy and freedom, it still is a luxury every internet user can afford: $2.1 / month definitely is the safest bet.

On the other hand, free VPN services provide you a tunnel to pass your internet traffic, but what they do later is highly depressing.

Firstly, they sell user data to third parties without making an effort to learn what those unknown groups do with your data (most groups expose such data on the Dark Web).

Secondly, they show advertisements, which means they create advertising profiles and pass on your activity patterns for micro-targeting.

This also means that under the name of safety and privacy, these free VPNs are a total antithesis of their claims.

Therefore, it is always better to pay a couple of dollars to a reputable company like iProVPN and have peace of mind, rather than inviting a fake VPN to your device and letting it monitor you online 24 hours.

What About Its Price?

For a reference, know that iProVPN users get access to all of its amazing features whichever plan they subscribe to.

As for now, there are three payment plans that you can choose from: monthly, yearly and biennially. It is a premium app with a free trial, yet is super affordable. Here's how.

  • The monthly plan for iProVPN would cost you as low as $10, where you can avail of all the features that it has to offer.
  • The yearly plan is priced with an annual payment commitment of $34.95, which means an average of $2.9 per month.
  • The biennial plan is even more surprising as you can enjoy this amazing service for two years at a low price of $49.95, a monthly average of $2.1.

Who Should Use iProVPN?

  1. Any user who loves free Wi-Fi should use a reliable VPN service like iProVPN. Public Wi-Fi networks are weak in nature, can be penetrated and an intruder can sniff sensitive data packets you exchange on such networks. Therefore, we suggest users never access these networks in their local coffee places, shopping malls, or hotels without activating their VPNs.
  2. Any streamer, online gamer, torrenteer who wants superb speeds with zero downtimes should definitely give iProVPN a try. It unblocked geo-restricted content, has no data limits, and the core infrastructure is designed compatible for P2P. This VPN has multiple protocols that can be switched on tap of buttons from the user settings.
  3. Any freelancer, remote worker or online learner who wishes to research geo-restricted data libraries, archives or wants to protect client data from ISPs.
  4. Any shopper who wishes to protect their shopping activity from hackers who can sniff banking details and cause major financial damages. Also, if you want to shop for cheap prices, iProVPN can help you do so by providing you with an IP address from your favorite location.
  5. Any internet surfer who is concerned about ISP monitoring, speed throttling, online hazards and wants to experience the internet like it’s meant to be.
iProVPN Review

The Bottomline

Even though iProVPN has not been in the market for as long as its competitors, these features portray it as a promising VPN tool.

Military-grade encryption, the fair-enough number of servers, commitment to privacy, situated in the British Virgin Islands, dedicated apps, blogs, no. of connections allowed, with P2P compatibility is a cherry on the top.

Though this VPN brand, unlike others, does not have a free basic plan, the investment is totally worth it.

The VPN service has transparent policies, is open to communication, and accepts payments through several channels including PayPal which also speaks volumes about the service being a secure one. 

You can also check out our list of best VPN services for 2022.


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