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Assessment science has evolved significantly in the last decade with a growing emphasis on candidate experience. Game- based assessments have revitalisedpre-employment testing, aligning with the heightened focus on candidate engagement. A study conducted by Criteria revealed that, on average, candidates favoured game based assessments, with 26 strongly agreeing and 25 somewhat agreeing with this preference. […]
To foster transparency and honest feedback in the workplace, anonymity is occasionally necessary, as fear of job security or strained connections can stifle constructive input. In our latest blog, we explore the best 12 360- degree feedback tools that empower employee performance enhancement. These tools are essential for unlocking your team’s potential, promoting professional growth, […]
Tired of sifting through countless CVs? Discover how the best psychometric tests, favoured by 65 of Malaysian recruiters, offer profound insights into candidates ’ cognitive capacities and personality traits, leading to better hires and reduced turnover. This blog covers the types of tests, their benefits, and future trends in psychometrics for recruitment. Don’t miss this crucial […]
With the growth of high-potential programs, associations have started asking themselves if they ’re hiring the right candidates. Are they getting high performers? Are they getting effective leaders? Are they getting strong emotional intelligence leaders?   Introduction   Recently, there has been a recent boom in the field of talent management. As this field has […]
In this blog, we will highlight the importance of talent assessments in recruitment & pipeline development and how these assessments factor into your talent pipeline development.     Introduction Building a robust talent pipeline, supported by advanced talent pipeline or recruitment software and candidate pipeline tools, is an evergreen item on a company’s to- do list. […]
Succession planning is a critical process that ensures the smooth transition of key positions within an organization. It is essential for organizations to have a robust succession planning strategy in place to identify and develop future leaders and key talent. To streamline this process, investing in a high-quality  succession planning software  is crucial. However, with so many options available in […]
Succession planning is vital for organisations in moment’s competitive business landscape. This blog outlines its significance, the five key benefits, and various approaches. Technology- based solutions like digital platforms and HRMS systems offer effectiveness while consulting enterprises and assessment tools provide expertise and insights. Traditional manager nominations are also discussed, emphasising the need for clear […]
In today's dynamic corporate environment, forward-thinking strategies are paramount to ensuring a business's continuity. While many companies prioritize technological advances, there's another facet that's equally critical: human readiness. Here lies the core of succession planning. Beyond just being a preventive measure, succession planning brings with it a slew of benefits that underscore its significance. Let's […]
In the constantly evolving landscape of business, succession planning has emerged as a critical strategy for ensuring organizational continuity and sustainable growth. As businesses grow, the importance of having a clear path for potential future leaders to ascend into key roles becomes paramount. Fortunately, the technological advancements in HR have led to the development of succession […]
In order to develop a succession plan involves defining the plan’s goals and objects, identifying key positions and individuals, assessing current workers, creating job descriptions, developing development plans for implicit successors, communicating the plan to applicable parties, enforcing the plan, and continuously monitoring and adjusting it as necessary. This process aims to insure the long- […]
In the ever-changing business landscape, a robust succession plan is vital. This blog provides insights into the current state of succession planning in SEA organisations in 2023,addressing the challenges and mistakes that can emerge. It features the significance of the cycle, offers methodologies for better readiness, and introduces Accendo's TalentPulse — an tool to upgrade […]
Getting succession planning right includes having a long-term vision of your organization and may include sidelong moves, tasks to unique ventures, initiative inside groups, and inward or outer improvement open doors.   Introduction succession planning resembles home preparation. It is a significant piece of any association yet it is many times ignored or a postponed […]
Succession planning is basic for associations to guarantee smooth initiative changes and long haul achievement. In our thorough aide, we investigate why Succession planning is significant, the difficulties of Succession planning, and the methodologies expected to defeat them. Our Succession planning guide likewise covers the four-step process, execution steps, benefits, genuine models, best practices, and […]
For businesses to ensure continuity, success, and achievement of business objectives, effective succession planning is essential. The Greater part (86%) of pioneers trust in its criticalness and significance, nonetheless, just 14% accept that the association is doing it well*. One reason to worry is information, as business Succession Planning is for most human asset supervisors […]
Introduction Leadership positions are bound to shift. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including a transfer within the same organization (in the case of multinational corporations), resignation, death or critical illness, retirement, sabbatical, or employment termination. Despite the fact that every organization is aware of these factors and how they affect the continuity […]
For an organization to succeed, it is essential to find top talent. However, many businesses face difficulties in this area. A significant number of employees have left their positions and have not returned on their own as a result of the pandemic's aftermath. Employers must take proactive measures to attract and retain these talented individuals […]
In this blog, we will feature the significance of Talent evaluations in pipeline improvement and how these assessments factor into your Talent pipeline advancement. Introduction Building a robust Talent pipeline, upheld by cutting edge Talent pipeline programming and up-and-comer pipeline instruments, is an evergreen thing on an organization's plan for the day. In the present […]
Earlier, we talked about the importance of a talent pipeline framework. Today, we're going to take a look at the steps you can take to build your talent pipeline strategy. Developing the right candidate pipeline for key roles takes effort and time. This blog explores the concepts of talent pipeline development and management, highlights its benefits, and provides […]
Do you feel like you ’re constantly chasing after top talent? Discover the power of a strong talent pipeline in attracting and retaining top performers. In moment’s blog, we punctuate the importance and utility of a talent pipeline, along with its crucial elements. Learn how to build a comprehensive talent pipeline framework to reduce time- […]
Identifying Talent Gaps Talent management assessment tools can help organizations identify talent gaps in their workforce. These tools can evaluate employees' skills, knowledge, and experience, enabling organizations to determine where there are gaps in their workforce's talent. By identifying these gaps, organizations can take proactive steps to address them, such as providing training and development […]
Looking for a reliable and objective way to reduce your talent processes? Learn how Accendo’s Assessment Marketplace can help you with that by integrating and consolidating your talent assessments while allowing you to holistically measure your talents through a combination of various assessment types. Writer: Sheu Quen Seven in 10 employees have considered a career move […]


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