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  Those familiar with the “forward” mortgage process will be familiar with the amortisation schedule that details the loan's payments over time. Each monthly payment due toward principal and interest is summarised in this schedule. An amortisation schedule typically displays the balance owed by the borrower each month up until the end of the loan […]
  After death, what happens to reverse mortgage loan SantaClara? Do heirs inherit a mess? The bank gets the house? Many homeowners worry about the legacy a reverse mortgage will leave. Reverse mortgages are designed for both homeowners and heirs.  Let me cover some basics before addressing these questions and concerns. Misinformation about reverse mortgages […]
  The information presented here is not meant to replace a doctor's evaluation and treatment. If you have any concerns about your health, you should always consult with your doctor or another qualified healthcare provider.  Many people assume that childless or childfree adults will be more isolated and unhappy in their later years. On the […]
  The most common inquiry concerning reverse mortgages is this: “How is it different from a regular mortgage?”  With a conventional mortgage, you pay on the loan balance on a monthly basis. Since a reverse mortgage does not necessitate regular payments toward principal or interest, the outstanding balance typically grows over time.  Let's take a […]


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