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There has been an increase in the global internet outage count since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. The world will only rely more on stable internet connections, which has contributed to gloomy forecasts about its resiliency because of considerable traffic. However, letting dormant IPv4 addresses enter the market again through leasing possibly fills in […]
Here, we will discuss the potential that organizations such as universities, corporations, and others can get with a block of IPv4 addresses. It is an often misunderstood and underused IP asset. The term IPv4 represents the fourth Internet Protocol version that addresses much of the internet traffic even today. Internet Protocol version 4 addresses enable […]
Since 2011, there have been concerns about the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses. Almost all the companies try to lease IP addresses of this type from people for business requirements. Therefore, business-wise, leasing is an opportunity for parties with unused IPv4 addresses in stock. Those parties monetize their unutilized IPv4 addresses through leasing. With leasing, the […]
Cyber-attacks have lately been going up. DDoS attacks have affected numerous postal and banking services in New Zealand, making those services not accessible and customers angry. In Russia, technology company Yandex was met with the largest-documented DDoS attack. With the increased cyber-attack count around the globe, businesses must know ways of handling the misuse of […]
Since the 2020 lockdown, numerous people worldwide have been gainfully employed, engaged and productive thanks to their capability to study, work and have entertainment through broadband connections. In this period, telecommunications service vendors have done an exceptional job of addressing the increased traffic volume and the sudden change in its nature while keeping a solid […]
From the noughties period, acquiring enough IPv4 addresses for business sustenance and scalability has been difficult for companies. All of the around 4.5 billion Internet Protocol version 4 addresses are assigned. The major IPv4 exhaustion occurred when all regional internet registries ran out of their remaining pools of IPv4 addresses. What Does IPv6 Mean? The […]
Malicious players are misusing the secondary marketplace for Internet Protocol version 4 addresses, as per Lancaster University’s Vasileios Giotsas, Norway SimulaMet’s Ioana Livadariu, and University College London’s Petros Gigis. In an online paper, they explained how the depletion of IPv4 addresses saw RIRs establishing transfer marketplaces for the addresses that were becoming more and more […]
The global scarcity of IPv4 addresses contributed to the emergence of the second-hand IP resource market. Several customers make repeat IPv4 address purchases, which indicates that what they do regarding IPv6 deployment is not enough to avoid using IPv4. The IPv4 marketplace exists mainly because the initiatives for IPv6 deployment failed to begin sufficiently early. […]


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