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A market research questionnaire is a list of questions presented orally or in writing. Generally, questionnaires contain closed-ended and open-ended questions addressed to members of the target population.   Businesses use questionnaires to make well-informed decisions. For example, a business questionnaire may be used to survey existing or prospective customers and employees for gaining key […]
Concrete is strong inside and beautiful outside. Concrete is a composite building material made by combining cement (usually Portland cement), water, coarse aggregates, and fine aggregates.   From airport runways and bridges to patios and roadways, concrete is an essential component of residential and commercial construction across the world.   Concrete is cast in many […]
Here are the top seven largest hydropower projects in India with their hydropower capacity. Tehri Hydroelectric Power Plant (2400 MW) Koyna Hydroelectric Project (1960 MW) Sri Sailam Hydro Power Plant (1670 MW) Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Plant (1500 MW) Sardar Sarovar Hydroelectric Project (1450 MW) Bhakra Nangal Hydroelectric Power Plant (1325 MW) Chamera Hydro Power Plant (1071 MW)   India’s quest for […]
Modular construction refers to offsite building construction under controlled factory setting conditions. Unlike a “stick-built” structure that is built piece by piece, modular structures are produced in “modules” or separate sections. Permanent modular buildings and relocatable modular buildings are the main types of modular construction buildings.   Although the modular construction concept has been around for over […]
Do you want to become a federal contractor? Federal government contracting is a proven way to earn fame and financial stability. The federal government spends billions of dollars every year on the construction of roads, schools, and other public infrastructure properties.   Winning a government construction contract is a boon because you can earn much […]
If you are thinking of a career in market research, this post is for you. Market research (sometimes referred to as “marketing research”) goes beyond collecting, analyzing, and reporting data—it is about providing meaningful insights that have a major impact on the lives of people and operations of organizations.   A market researcher is equipped with tangible […]
A feasibility study is a thorough analysis of all important components of a proposed project in order to assess its technical viability, economic feasibility, and chances of success.   Construction industry projects are capital-intensive and often require millions of dollars. Before spending such an enormous amount, lenders and project owners need to be confident of […]
EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contracts are the most favored contract type in the private sector when it comes to undertaking complex infrastructure projects. An EPC contractor provides end-to-end consultancy and construction services.   EPC contracts are also known as Turnkey Contracts as the project owners just have to turn the key once they float […]
Do you want a higher-level understanding of your buyer persona or potential customer? Are you looking for actionable insights into consumer behavior or a meticulous competitive analysis? A market research firm can help you with these and many more when you need deeper insights beyond internal information, secondary data sources, and market research tools like […]
Construction engineering is a specialized field that ensures the successful completion of a construction project. Construction engineers work with builders and other construction professionals to coordinate a project's various elements.   Construction engineers also provide high-level strategic oversight of a construction project. This allows construction crews to complete complex projects on time and within budget. […]
The Physical Scientific and Engineering Building, or PSEB, a new more-than-$350 million complex slated for completion in 2027 and focusing on quantum and material science activities, has begun preliminary development.   PSEB will be near Wright Laboratory, north of Bass Center and east of the Class of 1954 Chemistry Research Building. The project was first […]
Gas flaring refers to the combustion of excess natural gas under controlled conditions at oil wells and oil production and processing facilities. Generally, natural gas that is brought to the surface but cannot easily be used is “flared” (burned for disposal).   A majority of natural gas flaring is observed in upstream production areas where […]
Sunlight is a source of affordable, reliable, and clean energy. Solar photovoltaic (PV) installers or solar panel installers specialize in installing solar panels for residential and commercial applications.   A solar PV system consists of solar panels with photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight (solar radiation) into direct current electricity. Residential and commercial solar panels help […]
Uzbekistan has published a Request for Qualification (RfQ) as part of a tender for a solar project with a capacity of up to 300 megawatts in Kashkadarya, the country's southeastern region.   The solar farm will be constructed in the Guzar neighborhood. According to the RfQ materials, interested developers have until March 30 to submit […]
India has been making great strides in renewable energy, and the Bhadla Solar Power Plant is a shining example of this progress. With an installed capacity of 2,245 MW, it is the largest solar farm in the country and the world. Thanks to its impressive size, the Bhadla Solar Power Plant can produce enough electricity […]
Electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling refers to collecting, processing, and making end-of-life batteries reusable while reducing the number of batteries going to landfills. It is well known that sustainable battery materials hold the promise of a greener tomorrow.   The battery recycling process keeps the end-of-life batteries out of landfills and ensures a reliable harvest […]
Highlights   Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station will be one of Britain's largest nuclear power plants.  It will foster long-term economic growth in Britain by creating more than 25000 employment opportunities and managing 64% construction value.   This massive power plant significantly impacts the environment by supplying low-carbon electricity to over 6 million homes. This project […]
Thailand's Ministry of Transportation has declared and drawn out a massive highway network expansion plan. Thailand's transportation hub linkages with neighboring nations will also be considerably enhanced and improved as a result of the project plan. This plan calls for the construction of eight new expressways totaling 5,000 kilometers in length.   A 1,660-kilometer highway […]
Project Highlights At the height of 359 m above the river bed of the Chenab river valley, the iconic Chenab bridge is the world’s highest railway bridge. Once the construction is completed, the bridge will be 35 meters higher than the iconic Eiffel Tower. The Chenab rail bridge is designed to withstand zone-V earthquakes, 266 […]
Waste-to-energy (WtE) or energy-from-waste (EfW) is an advanced waste disposal process that generates electricity from non-hazardous waste. Why is WtE important? Dumping tons of waste in landfills compounds the climate crisis and jeopardizes the safety of people, animals, and natural resources.   The growing demand for waste management and increasing focus on non-fossil fuel sources […]


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