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BOPP packaging films are made of biaxially oriented polypropylene and they are tough and have high resistance against moisture. These packaging films are widely used in different applications including food packaging, labels, and tape. Thus, by testing the tensile strength of these packaging films is an important part of quality control. Presto is a leading tensile […]
PVC granules, commonly known as Polyvinyl Chloride granules, have emerged as a versatile material with a wide range of applications. These tiny particles serve multiple purposes across various industries and play an integral role in manufacturing processes. From the production of PVC pipes, fitting cables and much more, these materials enable manufacturers to create intricate […]
Tensile stress testing is a critical process for evaluating the strength and durability of materials. By subjecting a material to a tensile force, we can determine how much load it can bear before breaking or deforming. Tensile testing is typically performed using specialized testing instruments that measure the force required to stretch the material. Thus, if you are searching for […]
Corrugated boxes are becoming more significant in modern manufacturing. Bursting strength, as one of the most reliable indicators of corrugated carton quality, is impacted not only by the moulding process and printing design but also by environmental conditions. To further evaluate and improve the quality of corrugated cartons, it is necessary to test the bursting strength […]
PRESTO Redefining the Art of Quality Testing and India’s Premier Testing Instruments Manufacturers With an industry experience of over 37 years and National Award-Winning testing instruments manufacturing company and more than three decades, over 13000+ customers worldwide have used our products which are an epitome of Quality, Reliability and Accuracy. Testing Instruments, Paper & Packaging […]


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