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  In order to illuminate areas without roofs, also referred to as “outside spaces,” artificial lighting that is permanently installed is referred to as “outdoor lighting.” By illuminating the surroundings, outdoor lighting aims to maintain or enhance people's ability to see while engaging in human activity. Light is used to do this. When we refer […]
  Do fleets of electric school buses require V2G?  Successful applicants for the EPA's electric school bus subsidies may be unsure about how to begin organising their fleets of electric buses now that they have received their funding notification. School bus fleet owners may have questions regarding the technology given the recent excitement surrounding the […]
  BACKGROUND: Electrical mishaps are known to result in physical harm. Less well understood is the possibility that long-term effects could lead to emotional and cognitive issues.    OBJECTIVE: To investigate electricians' perceptions and experiences of workplace electrical accidents with an emphasis on psychological short- and long-term effects, including how contacts with healthcare providers and […]
  It is common knowledge that electrical accidents can result in bodily harm. Less well-known is the possibility of long-term emotional and cognitive issues.    OBJECTIVE: To investigate the experiences and perspectives of electricians regarding work-related electrical accidents, with an emphasis on psychological short- and long-term implications, including how contacts with health care services and […]
  If your home's lights start flickering, it's time to call an electrician. While there are many benign reasons for flickering lights, such as loose light bulbs or dimmer switch difficulties, flickering household lights may be the only warning of significant electrical issues that can cause fires, deadly electrical shocks, or damage to household appliances. […]


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