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Original Title: One Week Countdown to the 2022 Shanghai College Entrance Examination, Shanghai Issued Important Reminders Before the Examination The Unified Cultural Examination for Enrollment of Shanghai General Colleges and Universities in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the “College Entrance Examination”) will be held from July 7 to 9. The Unified Cultural Examination for Enrollment […]
Original title: The epidemic situation is severe, medical protective equipment must be used in a standardized way, and official guidelines are given! Give a detailed description of the scope of use of 8 types of common medical protective equipment! In order to guide the rational use of medical protective equipment and do a good job […]
Original title: Do you know the difference between excavator auger, rotary drill and down-the-hole drill? What is the difference between excavator auger drill, rotary drill and down-the-hole drill? Many customers called to consult the auger and asked me to equip a set of auger for drilling 30 meters. In fact, everyone misunderstood the function of […]
Original title: Drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, honing, broaching … Drill through the hole! ☞ This is Article 9972 posted by Metalworking (mw1950pub) Guided reading Hole is an important surface on box, bracket, sleeve, ring and disk parts, and it is also a surface often encountered in machining. In the case of the same requirements for […]
Original Title: Finding Water and Drilling Wells for Poverty Alleviation in Southern Jiangxi: Case Analysis and Process Record (Part II) Part 1 Indoor comprehensive research and judgment, accurate well determination in the field Click to Read: Gannan Poverty Alleviation Water Search and Well Drilling: Case Analysis, Process Record (Part I) Part 2 Fast drilling verification […]
Originally published as Who hasn't been crazy about a few weapons when they were young? For it, I was beaten a lot in those years! Good evening, Shaoxia ~ In the first two issues, Xiao Tiantian enjoyed it together. A mixture of romance and mystery. Running to Star Wuhun Month by Month Poke Me and […]


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