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There are three main types of transformers: Transformers are the unsung heroes of our modern electrical world. These devices play a crucial role in transmitting electricity efficiently and safely. While there are various types of transformers designed for specific applications, we can broadly categorize them into three main types: Step-Up Transformers, Step-Down Transformers, and Isolation […]
Star-rating transformers refer to transformers that are assigned energy efficiency ratings based on a star-rating system. This system is undertaken mainly to indicate the efficiency levels of the transformer based on established parameters, which are implemented by a regulatory body authorised by the government of the country or region. The star-rating system usually ranges from […]
Distribution transformers play a pivotal role in modern power grids. They are responsible for reducing the high voltage transmitted from power stations to levels suited for low-power consumption in homes, offices, commercial complexes, and small factories. These transformers are typically installed at substations and other strategic points near power consumption centres where the voltage level […]
Cast Resin Transformers, also known as dry-type transformers, are a type of transformers that use epoxy resin as an insulating medium instead of oil. Some of its biggest advantages are improved safety, minimal impact on the environment, and resistance to fire. This transformer is particularly helpful in cases where fire hazard is a concern. There […]
One of the most important tasks that transformer manufacturers undertake after the installation of an electrical transformer is to monitor its performance and analyse it for future reference. This practice is particularly important in the current scenario considering the ever-increasing demand for performance-oriented transformers that can help run our homes, offices, and factories non-stop. A […]
 Power and Distribution Transformers are one of the most common variants of transformers in the prevailing market. Most variants of transformers come with an array of functions and capabilities that helps in improving the overall power system. However, the main purpose of any power and distribution transformer is to manage the power voltage before it […]
Cast Resin Transformers, also known as CRT, are some of the most advanced variants of transformers currently available in the market. It works based on the same principle as any other transformer. What differentiates it from other variants of transformers is its build and certain upgrades that make it much safer and more reliable irrespective […]
 Rectifier transformers are special transformers used in industrial applications. This transformer includes diodes and thyristors in the same tank. These devices are used for the industrial process that requires a significant amount of direct current (DC) supply. Rectifier transformers are used in the electrochemical industry, which has the most applications for the electrolysis of non-ferrous […]


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