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The conversational AI market is projected to be an $18 billion opportunity by 2028. Amidst the explosion of digital banking platforms where 67% of financial institutions already have a BaaS platform, seamless personalization of customer experiences through conversational banking is taking precedence in technology budgets for banking leaders. A generational focus on attention grabbing services has taken over financial services and […]
Empower your Strategic Decisions with holistic insights gathered through Business Research, Competitive Analysis, and Business Intelligence, all under one umbrella. We serve clientele across industries and the globe to provide End-to-End market research solutions that lead to insightful and actionable outcomes. Connect with our strong team of market research experts to put your growth plans […]
Qualitative market research can answer essential business questions about critical issues such as consumer preferences, opinions, and perceptions about any brand products or services. Qualitative research uses focus groups, in-depth interviews, and central location tests to gather descriptive information about consumers' thoughts. JCR provides top-notch qualitative and actionable market research insights to global clients for […]
AI-powered business intelligence can help companies break down their ever-growing data sets, digest them and use them to deliver tailor-made insights. Adding AI to BI improves your business outcomes and makes the connected things reliable like' accommodate uncertainty factors, demand forecasting, and customer engagement. Business intelligence is essential to understand trends and derive insights as […]
Data visualization unlocks the true stories that your data has always wanted to tell. JCR offers data visualization services to help companies spot trends, comparison and performance towards goals and objectives, compare the performance of different categories, products, brands, and more. Our data visualization experts help you visualize data by incorporating powerful data visualization tools […]
The restaurant industry is constantly changing. To stay ahead of increasing competition and evolving customer demand, restaurants must utilize robust market research techniques to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Restaurant market research gives you insight into upcoming trends likely to affect customer preferences that help you keep track of your competition so you […]
Conventional market intelligence often involves multiple ways of research that fail to interact with one another. Automated data processes resolve these problems and provide numerous benefits for your company. JCR transforms your unstructured data by incorporating the latest technologies and delivering precise and actionable market intelligence. Automated data intelligence services for real-time business decisions support, […]
Having 10 + years of experience in the market research industry, we provide the best solutions for your survey design & survey programming requirements ensuring international standards, high quality, and preciseness in data. Our expertise in collecting meaningful data and deliver actionable business insights make us the most trusted brand in the market research industry. For […]
Advanced Analytics provides valuable hidden insights to the existing data which can be used by organizations to forecast trends, events, behaviors, and mitigate risks. The predictive capabilities of advanced analytics used by organizations to provide precise insights to the customers which can be used for customized market offerings. Jasper Colin Research uses advanced analytics to […]
Data analytics is an integral part of today's business world that helps businesses convert their raw data into actionable insights. Data analytics services synchronize your data with the strategic, tactical, and operational goals of your organization. JCR delivers extensive business intelligence to companies for making quick and data-driven decisions in the ever-changing environment. Jasper Colin […]
Jasper Colin Research has expertise in providing end-to-end market research solutions for a wide span of industries and organizations. As experienced researchers, we are equally strong in different sector research and committed to delivering accountable & actionable market intelligence that drives meaningful business outcomes. We have been serving different industries for more than a decade […]
Business leaders always prefer market research to keep up with trends and stay on top of recent market developments. Market Research is essential to make better business decisions because it provides invaluable insight into your new territories and markets.  Successful entrepreneurs use market research to maintain their company’s competitive edge and adapting strategy & approach […]
AI-based survey programming is much more efficient than traditional survey programming. AI-based survey programming tools can deliver results in near real-time, select the right target audience, and automatically classify and mine the text for actionable insights. It has opened doors to interactive surveys & real-time results have made insight discovery faster and accurate than ever […]

Most businesses conduct online surveys that help them make important decisions about their business. JCR online survey operations team comprises of most experienced talents, most advanced technologies, and highly structured & relevant panel members follow systematic and structured processes giving top priority to collect quality data.  For more details watch the video and Mail us at contact@jaspercolin.com to conduct online surveys.

JCR performance matrix is directly linked to our clients’ satisfaction. Our 360° research methodology involves researching several industries and the collection of accurate data. We Jasper Colin Research, as a Market Research Company has experts, analysts, and tools to collect, analyze, and visualize data to make strategic decisions. JCR is focusing on offering high-quality analysis, consulting services, and industry intelligence solutions for businesses through its best-in-class market research services.

Textual data analytics refers to an automated process of deriving useful information from unstructured textual data for enhanced business decisions and customer satisfaction. It provides companies with a means of understanding their customers better, helping them determine customer’s demands and purchasing patterns by analyzing the data generated from various sources. The ability of textual analytics, […]
An enterprise can make more informed business decisions through business intelligence-driven by technology. JCR applies best-in-class latest technologies in analyzing data to extract accountable and actionable technology-driven business intelligence. Our data-driven processes perform an in-depth analysis to provide high-end, qualitative market research for different industries that empower our client's businesses and make us a global […]
With decades of experience, Jasper Colin Research provides effective and reliable business insights to large, small & medium enterprises that helping clients to make critical business decisions. We support our clients to accomplish sustainable growth in their particular market domain by providing the best market research services like data collection, data analysis, data visualization, survey […]
At Jasper Colin Research, We offer survey programming tools that offer easy and cost-effective solutions so you can focus on results. JCR Survey Programming supports global clientele in building a customized questionnaire and gathering critical data that facilitate the decision-making process.  With our expertise coupled with rich experience and access to advanced survey programming tools, […]
Central location testing (CLT) is a qualitative market research approach in which research takes place in a specific, controlled environment with a larger group of respondents to get feedback on your products or services in a face-to-face environment with a reduced risk of bias. Central Location Test allows brands to get their products and campaigns […]
A focus group discussion ( FGD ) is a type of qualitative research which provides an extremely useful mean of collecting and analyzing data for business to business marketing research and consumer research. It helps in understanding consumers thoroughly and provides in-depth data that isn’t always achieved through other quantitative research methods. JCR uses focus […]


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