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A great way to enjoy the outdoorsand still stay safe and secure is with a BoatSteering System. Theboat steering system has been around for a long time, but thedevelopment in recent years has made it more convenient anduser-friendly than ever before.

TheBoatSteeringmechanism is composed of three main components, the drive ortransmission, the bow wing, and the engine. The transmission movesthe boat's hull about, and the bow wing pushes the hull back in aforward direction. The engine is responsible for providing power anddriving the other two components and generates the torque necessaryto turn the bow wing and the hull in either direction. In order tosuccessfully steer a boat, it is important to have these threecomponents operating simultaneously and in harmony. When one or moreof these components doesn't function properly, the boat can becomevery dangerous to maneuver. As an example, if the bow wing isn'tfunctioning correctly, then the boat can tip over backward which willrequire the person steering to either come to a sudden stop or toapply more force into the rudder to straighten the ship out of thewake created by the bow wing.

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