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Your phallus may be a part of your body and similar to the other part of your corporation, the way you take care of it affects its ability, or inability, to perform as you wish.

If you are experiencing ED levels, you are not taking good care of your penis!

1. you are Not exercising enough

According to a Cedars-Sinai Medical Center study, men with more physical activity have better erectile dysfunction and sexual function.

In this study, nearly 300 men self-reported their activity levels, and researchers categorized them into sedentary, mild, moderate, or high activity. Participants also self-reported the quality and degree of sexual function, such as erection, orgasm, quality, and frequency of erections.

2. you smoke too much

Cut out the nicotine. A British Journal of Urology study of 65 men enrolled in an 8-week smoking cessation program underwent an erection test before, during, and one month after the program ended.

20% of the participants confessed to having erectile dysfunction, and finally, 75% of these men who were left without nicotine exhibited larger, firmer erections and had maximum sexuality. They achieved arousal and effectively reduced their erectile dysfunction.

3. You are not sleeping

What about benefit for all, according to a 2008 study published in The American Journal of Medicine? The more sex you have, the less likely you are to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The researchers analyzed 989 men between the ages of 55 and 75 over a five-year period. Men who reported having sex less than once a week had twice the incidence of erectile dysfunction (79 ED per 1,000 people) than men who had sex once a week (32 cases per 1,000 people) . But if you really want to help yourself, shoot three times a week (ED drops to just 16 cases per 1,000).

Scientists have actually proven the best line of a 40-year-old virgin man: if he doesn’t use it, you lose it.

4. Insufficient closed eye

According to a University of Michigan study, men with inadequate sleep have lower levels of desire the next day and poor reproducibility, even in symptoms like poor concentration and malaise (of course yours). Swimmers are sleepy too). Bone density and muscle mass weaken.

5. You are harvesting the watermelon

 watermelon ingredient called citrulline-arginine helped relax blood vessels by increasing nitric oxide in the same way as Viagra, effectively treating erectile dysfunction. In some cases, it can even prevent.

6. I eat too much junk food

In short, junk food is bad for you. According to a 2011 Harvard University survey, men who indulge in processed foods high in trans fat (cookies, cakes, chocolates, chips, fried foods, and processed foods) are those who eat healthily (whole grains, vegetables, fish). Clean up your diet with these alternatives.

7. You are watching TV

According to a 2010 study from the University of Rochester, men who watch TV for more than 20 hours a week have 44% fewer sperm counts than men who rarely watch TV. Researchers found that healthy, sedentary men, as measured by TV viewing habits, have poor sperm quality due to lack of physical activity.

8. Your dental hygienist is poor

Researchers from the Journal of Periodontology found that men with erectile dysfunction have seven times more gum disease. According to a 2012 study, bacteria in gum tissue can travel throughout the body, causing inflammation and damaging blood vessels in the penis. You would hope that bad breath was the only side effect of lazy dental hygiene.

9. You are not drinking coffee

A team of researchers from the University of Texas Center for Health Sciences found that 42% of men who drink 2-3 cups of coffee (85-170 mg) per day are less likely to report cases of erectile dysfunction. This study showed that caffeine helps relax the arteries and smooth muscles of the penis and increase blood flow.

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