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30+ Exploratory Essay Topics to Convince Your Professor

If you are a student, you are well-acquainted with academic essays that you are provided with almost every day at your school, college, and university. There’s no escape from the inevitable essay task that every student out there is going through. Given the types of essays that students need to complete in their academic years, exploratory demands a short write-up that have a problem, idea or experience that needs examination but without a supporting thesis. Choosing exploratory essay topics, therefore, is challenging, if not impossible.

There are numerous exploratory essay samples available on various websites. It is hugely recommended for students to understand that there are multiple areas to cover one topic of an exploratory essay. Therefore, we have listed in the following paragraphs over 30 exploratory essay topics for students who want to do the task on their own. Take a look-

Category 1: Good exploratory essay topics on Family life

Why is adoption the next alternative to growing your family?

The role of parents to teach children the contributions of a working mother

Impact of smoking and drinking of parents in front of their children

Describe your take on how family bond people together better than any other relation

The idea of family vs divorce and breaking up. Reflect

 Explain: nuclear family and joint family

Describe your first trip with the family

Is monetary support an effective way to promote success among children of single parents?

Share your views on same-sex parenting and traditional parenting

Explain what you know about surrogate parenting and surrogate mothers

Category 2: Exploratory essay ideas on Technology

Usage of technology in schools: should it be limited?

Is modern technology affecting modern families?

What’s your take on technological advancements and sedentary lifestyle?

Smart phones and our negligence to commute verbally

Television, video games and live games and their impact on limiting our mental capacity

How will virtual reality help shape our future?

Artificial intelligence and self-driven cars

AI, employee opportunity and wages

Human teachers vs. AI-inspired teachers

Social media and breach to privacy

Category 3: Exploratory essay topic examples for Sports

Mental and physical development with sports activities  

Natural talent vs. training- what’s more important to succeed in sports?

Improvement of physical fitness and well-being for sports

How do individual and team sports differ?

Modern sports superstars

Sports celebrities and their life under media scanner

Are social media involvements impacting players’ performances?

Why certain sports are popular in some countries and regions?

Analyze any sport personality, his talent, and contribution you love

Modern technologies and games telecast experience

Category 4: Religion and Culture

Different culture and different religion

Pick any two religion, their two cultural activities and explain how they are same/ different

Religions believing in afterlife

Religion and mental stigma

Eating similarities in different cultures and religions

Summary: Well-knit exploratory essays are difficult to compose. The essay topics mentioned above will keep students one step ahead as we have listed some out-of-the-box exploratory essay topics. Complete your essay faster with the listed topics. Along with it, you can also choose other essay topics like analytical essay topics, proposal essay topics and many more.


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