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4 Social Media Marketing Strategies You Should Know in 2020

The fact is, more than 80% of internet users globally have at least one social media account. There are many other interesting facts and stats that boggle the mind. Knowing these numbers and trends helps marketers in building and improving their strategies. As of Dec 2019, there are around 3.7 billion active social media users worldwide. Marketing on social media networks in London has become a cardinal rule for most businesses and marketers in this day and age.

The brand managers and promoters share a common interest and that is to find creative ways to connect with more audience and improve their social media marketing strategy in London.

Social media advertising is completely volatile just like Google’s SEO algorithms. You can’t stick to one strategy because there may be many others who could be utilizing the same plan. Instead, your social media marketing strategy in London should change frequently seeing the customer interest, product availability, trend, and of course your budget.

As we have already entered the New Year 2020, it’s the righteous time to rethinking your marketing plans and revamp them. If you’re looking to grow your sales, engagement, or reach through social media, we have shared four strategies you should know in 2020.

Join hands with influencers

Now, this is the time when almost all of us are well-familiar with who are influencers. If not, social media influencers are usually people who already have thousands and millions of loyal followers on social media channels.

In the past few years, we have seen tremendous growth in the number of influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Working with right influencers and bloggers not only can help you gain more leads and sales but also boosts your brand’s credibility.

It’s obvious that contracting with renowned influencers is a matter of exuberant investment, that’s why we recommend you start with micro-influencers who are authentic and retains 100K to 1M followers/audience/fans and you can join hands with them with even small budget.

Build a community

Building a community of like-minded audience can significantly boost the visibility of your business. However, it’s not an easy task to attract and aggregate a large crowd of customers in one group. This social media marketing strategy in London offers a lot when it comes to reaching a more organic audience. For instance, if you belong to the real estate industry, you may create a group or page on Facebook dedicated to real estate content and information. Facebook groups have relatively higher reach and they are easy to expand. The more valuable content you publish in your groups/pages, the higher the chances of getting comments, likes, and shares. It is a successful way of becoming your own influencer without a penny of investment in social media management packages.

Focus on call-to-actions

Marketing on social media networks in London has one major goal and that is to grab attraction and response. Your strategy would be a naïve if you forget to add proper call-to-actions in it. In 2020, you have to work on call to actions meticulously as it is a craft to transform your marketing efforts into results.

Remember, you can’t really hook your audience until you offer something valuable to them. Your offer depends on what type of business you’re holding. For instance, if you’re an HVAC business and running an advertisement on Facebook for lead generation, you can generate more leads if you offer some HVAC guidance, DIY-tips, and tricks to your audience and that will definitely entice them to click on your ads.

Focus on Engagement

No matter how expensive and stellar “London social media management packages” you buy from a social media agency or influencer, if you’re not getting engagements e.g. likes, comments, shares, and even dislikes, those packages are completely vain. If you really want to see sales growth through social media, you may contact a reputed agency that provides good London social media management packages and promises for better engagements.


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